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“In My Life”. None better. Ever.

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Real Love

“Cherry” off the 1979 single for sure. One of Billy’s best songwriting moments, and the bass line is just too good.

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Album is way too context sensitive. Without the track credits up on screen while you listen to it, it’s really discombobulated.

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Stability EP without a doubt. It has the old school DCfC harmony juxtapositions of the Photo Album with the sweeping, emotionally draining bittersweet of Transatlanticism. The Plans version of “Stability” (“The Stable Song”) is in every way inferior to this version, and “20th Century Towers” may be my all time favorite DCfC song. I NEED THIS ON VINYL AND THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET IT.

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Best way to make friends on this thread: start every dissension with “As a huge NIN fan”.

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WHITE ALBUM by far. It has the most Paul swag, most John songbirding, most George experimentation, and “Helter Skelter” alone proves that Ringo is one of the most badass drummers of all time. It is the ultimate all-encompassing Beatles record and the best double album ever made.

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It’s a tossup between “Essex Dogs” and “This Is A Low”. It’s songs like this where Damon Albarn and crew went from being just another Brit pop band to being a Beatles to the alternative generation. They had their singles, but they also had stuff that seriously messed with your head. It’s places like this where it was obvious that Gorillaz, GB&Q, and Rocket Juice & The Moon would happen eventually. It’s also songs like this where you see that Blur definitely had a finite lifespan, and why they are having so much trouble putting a comeback album together.

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/Users/gerritfeenstra/Desktop/Screen Shot 2012-05-18 at 2.19.22 PM.png

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Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (US version)