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Lemonworld? Bizarre choice. And no.

And “High Violet is unquestionably their best work to date” — sure, if by unquestionably you mean a position I’ve never heard from anyone else ever. I’d put Boxer well ahead of Alligator though, unlike a lot of the other commenters.

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Setlist is missing Half Gate, which they played between Two Weeks and Sun In Your Eyes

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Album order’s not terrible — you’ve overrated Accelerate and underrated Up, and Document’s an odd but interesting choice for #1 — but the song commentary’s way off. Clear Monster highlights “Crush with Eyeliner” and “Bang and Blame” are really your examples of that LP not working? “Shiny Happy People,” their worst song (I’d argue “High Speed Train,” or most anything on Around the Sun)?

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What happened to the David Lowery of 2009 who said this?

“Well, my bands have always made a living by touring. As much as people in bands bitch and moan, that hasn’t really changed. If you are a viable band, you should be able to make an OK living driving around in a van playing shows. If you sell a few CDs along the way, that’s just a nice bonus. Put it away for a rainy day. [...] With or without illegal downloading, the business would have ended up where it is today. And what’s wrong with where the business is today? There is more good music around. The barriers to getting your music out and heard are very low now. Sure, that means there’s a lot of crap out there, but there is also a lot of great stuff. The music business has never been more vital in my lifetime. And I don’t think it’s smaller, either. I think there are more participants on every level: artists, songwriters, labels, venues, magazines and websites. I bet just about the same amount of people are employed playing music. The ‘business’ is just not concentrated in a few monolithic corporations like it used to be. Get used to it, because the entire economy will eventually look like the music business today.”

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Fallon didn’t invade the stage because he wasn’t there, performance was shot separately from the rest of the show last week.

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Listened to Lotus Flower on laptop speakers, thought it translated like shit live. Listened on headphones, sounded amazing. I imagine in concert it’ll be just fine.

Also think Magpie is spectacular here, substantial improvement over the album version. Only letdown is Little By Little, which just doesn’t seem to work for whatever reason. Overall, pretty wonderful stuff.

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Bet Jools Holland never would’ve done an iPad solo