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I think Joan would do a great Lithium or Sliver.

 +1Posted on Apr 4th | re: The 10 Best Nirvana Songs (163 comments)

I think it is really difficult to even judge “Smells Like Teen Spirit” at this date. I need to remember the first time I ever heard it to correctly judge it. The fact that I still remember the first time I heard it- late at night on “The Loud Show” on the SLC alternative station (modern rock actually- was a station in existence before “Alternative” was the buzzword)- the fact that I remembered the first time I heard the song and that it made me just go “whoa”- who is that? Album wasn’t out yet, single wasn’t commercially out yet. That is a different feeling that when you listen to it for the millionth time. I think I would put it on the list somewhere based on that. They have so many great songs that it is a luxury to leave it off. It is nice to think about their songs as quality songs given the saturation and fatigue some might feel upon hearing anything by these guys.

 0Posted on Apr 2nd | re: Courtney Love Reunites Classic Hole Lineup (14 comments)

I gotta add one more thing. Courtney is a mess and I can’t defend her, but the idea that she’s supposed to tread carefully or respectfully because her husband and father of their kid committed suicide, this is a difficult corner you are painting her into. I think if my spouse/parent of my kid(s) did something like that I would be mad/hurt/devastated for a SUPER long time, and I think I would probably feel like I would get to say what I would talk about on every day after that event, as all days equally afterwards are affected by the event. In short, I think Michael Nelson is being kind of gross about this! :/

 -1Posted on Apr 2nd | re: Courtney Love Reunites Classic Hole Lineup (14 comments)

So maybe you are saying she shouldn’t have done the interview? What if the entire rest of the interview was about the 20th anniversary of the suicide and then there were some questions about “what do you have going on now?”- if you don’t know that context, I think the finger wag is on you.

Now I am going to watch the video for “Awful” with my onion belt.

 0Posted on Apr 2nd | re: Courtney Love Reunites Classic Hole Lineup (14 comments)

What was the date of the interview- what were the questions the interviewer asked? Did she just reveal this in a press release or in response to an interview question? I think you were putting context on the response that maybe doesn’t bear scrutiny. You know I got your back, MN, but your comment might have been a little out of left field. Yes, Hole got big because of a few things, not least of which was Nirvana blowing up. Also contributing: Riot Grrl blowing up, Seattle blowing up, etc. Asking that Courtney Love define herself forever because of her likely super unhealthy marriage that ended with the death of Kurt 20 years ago maybe is not unfair. Possibly also has some sexist undertones. And I don’t necessarily care about any of this, just thought the comment sounded tossed off and possibly unfair.

 0Posted on Apr 2nd | re: Courtney Love Reunites Classic Hole Lineup (14 comments)

There is nothing gross about this relative to the anniversary. It is equally gross or not gross on any day. The anniversary is artificial. They have meaning when used to anchor a retrospective look back on something like an album or Kurt’s suicide, but not as a bludgeon for anything CL does. I mean, she probably also is going to eat lunch and take a crap on the anniversary as well, can you believe it???

 +2Posted on Apr 1st | re: The 10 Best Joy Division Songs (63 comments)

Isolation, Digital, Warsaw would be my tops that are not on this list. Love Will Tear Us Apart is so them but it is also a tiny bit apart from the rest. I consider it a masterpiece. I love Dead Souls.

Digital is just so phenomenal.

So much quality in a small catalog.

Harold and Joe is a good song. Glad they played this. Remember when radio would play B sides from bigger bands just because it was a new track. ONION BELTS FOR EVERYONE

 +5Posted on Mar 10th | re: Watch A Teaser For Spoon's New Album (27 comments)


Super good call.

 0Posted on Mar 8th | re: Superunknown Turns 20 (18 comments)

Jar of Flies was really good.