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 +2Posted on Sep 2nd | re: Watch Courtney Barnett Cover The Breeders' "Cannonball" (9 comments)

I don’t mind when bands play some covers straight up- I mean they banged that out and probably had a lot of fun doing it and they really brought the energy. Felt crisp. She can do no wrong. Can’t wait for the album.

 0Posted on Aug 27th | re: Album Of The Week: Ty Segall Manipulator (49 comments)

The tracks I have heard are really good, but seems a like a curated museum piece. I generally love those types of sounds, but sometimes they come off as too on the nose. I need to listen to it more. I kind of felt that way about the Savages songs I have heard. They sounded like the ingredients of a recipe- a super well curated recipe.

 +2Posted on Aug 27th | re: AC/DC Albums From Worst To Best (38 comments)

(1) the song “What’s Next to the Moon” is awesome- definitely should have got a mention on “Powerage”!

(2) “Night of Long Knives” riff (one of them) seems to show up in “Dr. Feelgood”

(3) “Problem Child” live version from some BBC thing is just so awesome I can’t believe it.

 0Posted on Aug 26th | re: Album Of The Week: Ty Segall Manipulator (49 comments)

It is a great album. I listened to the Merchandise and I like a number of the songs, but it just didn’t worm in there like I was expecting. Brill Bruisers for me for sure.

The melody in places (obviously not the Sexxyback part) is very familiar- but I think it is in a lot of songs.

 +1Posted on Aug 24th | re: VMAs 2014 Comment Party (122 comments)

White man Urkel tonight. Rap game Rodney Dangerfield. I almost typed rap game Rodney Dongerfield, which would be the adult entertainment version.

 +3Posted on Aug 24th | re: VMAs 2014 Comment Party (122 comments)

Nothing would be more cruel. Jody Highroller can’t take no more!

 +3Posted on Aug 24th | re: VMAs 2014 Comment Party (122 comments)

RIFF please start catching some interceptions on some innocent pedestrians. Jesus.

 0Posted on Aug 22nd | re: The 10 Best Arctic Monkeys Songs (67 comments)


I don’t even know that song, but maybe 10 mentions up above. I’m gonna go listen now.

 +2Posted on Aug 22nd | re: Dummy Turns 20 (43 comments)

It isn’t a rap album- it melds noir and atmosphere with hip hop beats and scratches, and record scratches, and all sorts of good stuff. That is why the much maligned but really exceptionally apt term “trip hop” was coined. No need to reinvent the wheel by calling this a rap album.

The album is really phenomenal and totally committed to its cinematic atmosphere. There is richness in there, though I suspect some might find in monotonous. I don’t. It is an obsessive masterpiece.

Also, no need to malign the other bands that haven’t been raised into the canon. The reason why it is so grating is that complete CURRENT trifles are tossed around by Tom as great and exciting and fun and poptimist. You know what other songs that maybe aren’t classics, but are pretty good as songs of that era? “Tape Loop” by Morcheeba, and “Six Underground” by Sneaker Pimps. The Mono album had some OK songs on it. Massive Attack were brilliant, and they were different. It’s OK! Go listen to “Protection”- that song is essentially perfect.