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Safe European Home

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Black Tusk released an EP this month.

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In My Room

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Only a few mentions of The Men above, really enjoying that one. My top ten:

1. Daft Punk
2. MBV
3. Kurt Vile
4. Deerhunter
5. Vampire Weekend
6. The National
7. Foxygen
8. Waxahatchee
9. The Men
10. Savages

Honorable Mention: Yo La Tengo, Phoenix, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Phosphorescent

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The White Album. It’s their most interesting and daring album.

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You are wrong. They have another classic album and three classic EP’s along with Loveless.

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You can call me Al

Like the Cloud Nothings one best

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Flaming Lips – One More Robot/Sympathy 3000-21

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The Spark That Bled – Flaming Lips