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Kurt Vile. If the Das Racist one didn't have a pot leaf, it would be my #1 though.
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April 15, 2012 on Win 4 Insound Exclusive Band T-Shirts (Cloud Nothings, Black Lips, Das Racist, Kurt Vile)
i saw him open for beirut in november and he just seemed all around nervous and didn't seem to know how to end each track, let alone start it. I'd pass on seeing him again, but the new album is great.
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February 28, 2012 on Pitchfork Music Festival 2012 Lineup
hot damn she really knows how to spread out her news so we are forced to endure through one story/song per day.
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December 20, 2011 on Lana Del Rey – “Off To The Races” (Studio Version)
i didn't mind adele's music. then the radios started playing her new album nonstop 24/7, my workplace played it, and my sister began playing it. i think you can understand why i really hate her new album now. and why is life sux on here? bug and dave grohl are great songs, but this is a top 50 album list. james blake and others really deserve this list a whole lot more than tom morello, etc
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December 7, 2011 on Rolling Stone’s 50 Best Albums Of 2011
this video is just... "...what?" it's like a 10 second loop reversed and repeated over and over again. even if the official video is coming out later, this is just not a good representation for a musician. and the song is boring as shit. lana del lame needs to go back to a modeling career.
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December 2, 2011 on Lana Del Rey – “Born To Die” (Official Audio, Topless Video)
tell em kurt. artists do need to find a new outlet for income though. i love titus, but my general rule of life is not to get uptight about what others are doing.
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November 7, 2011 on A Trip Through The Kurt Vile/Bank Of America Controversy
his name was Cory Smoot...
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November 3, 2011 on R.I.P. Cory Smoot
what the hell? she doesn't even have an album out yet. all this craze over one song, and she gets an award. video games isn't even original in the least bit
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October 25, 2011 on Lana Del Rey Speaks!
she has strong harp arms. what an awesome matchup
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October 19, 2011 on Watch Joanna Newsom & Robin Pecknold Armwrestle
hahaha this is one of the most mindless videos ever. the song is great.
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September 22, 2011 on Wavves – “Bug” Video
well. i relistened. art of almost is definitely a definitive song for glenn. rising red lung is also terrific for him. but dawned on me sounds a little cliche of wilco now. it doesnt feel new. one sunday morning is also good, but feels familiar at the same time. almost a complete turnaround, i know, but still. i'm beginning to enjoy it. may perhaps might probably preorder it. but the deluxe cd.
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September 4, 2011 on Wilco The Whole Love Comment Party
i don't like how choppy all the songs are getting with every new album... listen to I Might. it really intrudes on jeff's awesome voice, and prevents Glenn from doing anything creative with percussion. i think Deeper Down and One Wing are glenn's best tracks from (the album), and there is not a whole lot involving his awesomeness. also, the softer songs seem to have no purpose whatsoever. i liked how songs like Poor Places, Misunderstood, You Are My Face, etc. have a moment of bliss to them. these just kinda go on. not really planning on preordering because the 180g vinyl doesn't come with the deluxe version of the cd, so i wouldn't get all the songs (sigh). also everythings hella expensive. we'll have to see on the 27th if my mind changes. when listening to the stream, i just found myself a little bored, instead of fascinated like i was with their previous albums. sorry guys. still going to the show in milwaukee though. it will be my 2nd wilco show, and i'll be extremely pumped whether or not i like the new album.
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September 4, 2011 on Wilco The Whole Love Comment Party
i'll bury it in the dirt and make underground music. but no, i'd probs make a 83 song LP thats only 46 minutes long for fun and giggles
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August 30, 2011 on Watch Neon Indian’s PAL198X Synth Commercial … And Win One Of Your Very Own
the Low video was very similar to this but at a motel with jack black... i guess nathan wants to meet dave for this reason
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August 29, 2011 on Foo Fighters Make A Fake Gay Porno
This feels a little redundant... Would appreciate the b-side being an unreleased track rather than a previously released cover. I mean "Come Talk To Me" was also just released again on the bonus cd for the new album.
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July 20, 2011 on Bon Iver “Holocene”/”Come Talk To Me” Details