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 +1Posted on Jul 26th | re: 30 Essential Songs From The Golden Era Of Emo (159 comments)

Any internet music listicle that reps “Grace Kelly With Wings” is okay by me.

 +2Posted on Jun 12th | re: The Unicorns Announce Reunion Shows Opening For Arcade Fire (5 comments)

If you would’ve found me listening to “Who Will Cut Our Hair” on my Discman back in 2003 and told me that, eleven years in the future, the Unicorns would be playing three shows at the Barclay’s center, I would’ve said, “Awesome. I KNEW they’d become the biggest band in North America.” And then I’d say, “WTF is the Barclay’s Center?”

 +2Posted on Jun 12th | re: Death From Above 1979 Announce Reunion Album The Physical World (15 comments)

I hear they’re forgoing effects pedals and will distort the bass guitar purely through spite.

This really goes without saying by now, but holy shit can Dave Grohl pound a drum.

 +1Posted on May 15th | re: Failure - "Come Crashing" (2 comments)

Count me among the fervent. 16 year old me would’ve lost his mind over the idea that Failure would release new music 17 years later, but here we are. My mind is not quite lost, but I’m happy to hear them recording again. And it sounds about right considering where their paths led them through the years. I’ll take it.

 +1Posted on Apr 17th | re: Mastodon - "High Road" (11 comments)

But also it’s not, at all.

 0Posted on Apr 17th | re: Mastodon - "High Road" (11 comments)

It’s like Remission meets Night Ranger. I’ll take it.

Good find. Beautiful song. It sounds very ‘On The Water,’ but probably would’ve been one of the best (of not THE best) song on that record. Maybe they thought it already had too much mid-tempo stuff?

I’m a huge fan of their records, have sworn for a while that Samuel Herring has one of the most powerful voices in music today, but I’d never seen them perform before. I don’t even think I’ve seen a photo of them before. Whatever I was expecting from Herring, it was not Jive Dancin’ Marlon Brando. Holy shit. Amazing to see somebody actually give a damn.

 0Posted on Mar 4th | re: Mellow Gold Turns 20 (53 comments)

I’d like to get a sense of what people currently age 20 and under think of “Loser.” Because, you’re right, for our generation, there’s almost no disconnecting it from its ‘cultural moment.’ It is 90s Zeitgeist As Looped Slide Guitar and Breakbeat.