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 0Posted on Dec 11th | re: The 5 Best Tom Petty Albums Of 2014 (40 comments)

Every time I listen to War on Drugs’ “An Ocean Between the Waves,” I can’t help but imagine the band up on stage performing as skeletons.

 +1Posted on Nov 28th | re: Artist To Watch: Shura (4 comments)

So ready the 80s synth pop thing to die already. Wet drums. Synth washes. 808 handclaps. Breathy, reverbed, nondescript female vocals singing Janet Jackson melodies with Cocteau Twins detachment. Slap a cyan-magenta gradient somewhere on the cover, call it “Look At Me Too!” and become SoundCloud’s most popular artist for an hour or two, sell a couple downloads on Bandcamp, get the rest of it illegally torrented, and sell a song to Forever 21 to pay for your textbooks for a semester. Music is easy!

 0Posted on Nov 12th | re: Taylor Swift's Label Disputes Spotify's $6M Payout Claim (16 comments)


 0Posted on Nov 12th | re: Medicine - "Move Along - Down The Road" Video (5 comments)

Not to mention Mechanical Forces of Love in 2003. Even if that was sort of an oddball Medicine album.

 +1Posted on Nov 7th | re: Miles Davis Albums From Worst To Best (115 comments)

I hope the FCC destroys net neutrality, simply so ISPs around the world can blacklist any Miles Davis album ranking blog posts that attempt to place anything above Kind of Blue.

 +6Posted on Oct 28th | re: Belle & Sebastian - "The Party Line" (14 comments)

Let’s all settle down everyone. This is just B&S getting back to their roots. Don’t you remember “Electric Renaissance?” Oh, you’ve been trying to forget it? Oops.

 0Posted on Sep 27th | re: Monster Turns 20 (33 comments)

For the sake of discussion,

R.E.M. — Monster
Natalie Merchant — Tigerlily
Matchbox 20 — Yourself or Someone Like You
Macy Gray — On How Life Is
Norah Jones — Come Away With Me
Bush — Sixteen Stone
Paula Cole — This Fire
Fiona Apple — Tidal
The Forrest Gump Soundtrack

 0Posted on Sep 27th | re: Monster Turns 20 (33 comments)

Wow, I didn’t read to the end of the article, and see that this very fact was mentioned! And that there was an entire Popmatters article about it. It’s so true though!

 0Posted on Sep 27th | re: Monster Turns 20 (33 comments)

Along with Matchbox 20′s “Yourself or Someone Like You” and Natalie Merchant’s “Tigerlily”, I believe that if you are to visit any used CD store or thrift store or garage sale in America, you will find at least two copies of Monster.

 +1Posted on Jul 26th | re: 30 Essential Songs From The Golden Era Of Emo (159 comments)

Any internet music listicle that reps “Grace Kelly With Wings” is okay by me.