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Yeah because let’s talk about a mere mortal the night that Christ returns and comes face to face with Yeezus. Where is your understanding of what matters? Kendrick might have pathetic worldly importance but the spiritual significance of the event in question obviously makes any human behavior of the evening unbelievably irrelevant.

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okay guys i got an idea i think that memories sample from send it up explains the whole track 5-9 theme. cant hold my liquor and seems to be about his ex-fiance. guilt trip we can assume is too, and blood on the leaves is about amber rose, send it up is him remembering the nightlife, and i’m in it is him recounting the crazy sex he’s had up to this point. He’s having to say goodbye to all of this with the baby and probably marriage coming up so he’s clearing his head before all of this resulting in Bound 2 which is about falling in love and the only happy song on the album. but then i dont understand why include tracks 1-4 on the same album other than he doesnt give a fuck. but this album is 100% for him as he said in the ny times interview and its likely his most self-expressive piece of his career. this helps me to be less judgmental on his lyrical choices because they do seem to have a purpose.

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Farrah Fawcett Hair – Capital CIties feat. Andre 3000 is not going to win.

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so good all of these songs nobody elses songs

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@oblivion you hacked the system so i couldnt burn you, chess moves!! naw, i definitely see how one could get that vibe from Dream but its a shame because there he makes some great tunes you aren’t able to enjoy. I’m sure its okay though because you fill that void with other songs. By better production, I suppose I could say just more preferred production. The layers of sound and various quirks in every song really keep me finding new things to love, even from Love Hate. I would even venture to say his 5 best songs surpass Ocean’s and Weeknd’s 5 best songs and that speaks volumes. “Body Work/F*uck My Brains Out”, “Yamaha”, “Fast Car”, “Rockin That Shit”, and “Fancy” or “Wake Me When It’s Over” are tough to match up with but it’s all relative I suppose.

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Voice: 1. Weeknd 2. Miguel 3. Ocean 4. The- Dream
Production: 1. Dream 2. Weeknd 3. Ocean 4. Miguel
Songwriting: 1. Ocean 2. Miguel 3. Weeknd 4. Dream

I haven’t heard Autre Vent’s album yet but I believe the big 3 all have their distinct calling card. Dream is my favorite simply because the music is the most important to me but I understand the appeal of the others. Also, Dream’s lyrics are so bad sometimes that they are great and because of that I would put him probably 2nd based on the “memorable lyrics” criteria but I’m aware of their simplicity. Weeknd is more spacey, Ocean is more traditional, and Dream is more pop. I don’t think they sound the same at all honestly. They all have their own niches. Somewhat unrelated, Ocean and Weeknd both have front to back stellar albums to their credit and Dream just has 3 to 4 song flawless stretches with duds in between but maybe he puts it together this time.

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This is it. The first truly great offering since “Body Work/F*ck My Brains Out”. Was worried the push backs were going to stunt the quality of the album based on the first few releases, but this is Terius at his best.

Exactly, I think you have to be really be looking for the racism for it to even stand out as a compelling narrative in a movie with more than enough purposefully interesting themes.

“Why do you need me to tell you what to think all the time? Why can’t you just dream on it? Why are people so scared of going to places where they’re forced to reconcile what they know or come up with their own feelings or forge their own connections? People get pissed when it’s not all one way, when someone’s not all bad or all good. But that is not interesting to me. It’s too easy to judge people and condemn people.”

Spring Breakers has no point, you’re not SUPPOSED to feel any certain way. The girls are good or bad depending on your personal viewpoint, Korine just allows the audience to give themselves something to think about rather than directly telling them what to think about himself and I think that is the beauty of the film, along with Selena Gomez.

The whole “this film is racist” complaint is ignorant of the fact that racism exists. The article posted above hints at Harmony Korine being the brains behind the idea that “black people’s lives matter less than others” rather than just being responsible for shedding light on the already popular idea. Police brutality statistics, and even the lack of action with the current murder rate of black communities in inner city Chicago say a lot more than Spring Breakers does about race. Like the entire movie, Korine just portrays cultures as they are and leaves the interpretation to the audience. If you believe that something is racist, I’m not too sure that Korine is the man to blame.