Ya know what, I don’t doubt for a second that he was too fucked up on vicodin to remember recording “Blurred Lines”.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the dude from Black Lips have some less-than-enlightened things to say about hip-hop earlier this year? I seem to remember him having to “clarify” his usage of the word “ratchet” at some point. Just sayin’.

Really enjoy the Awolnation cover. I wish they weren’t typically lumped in with Bastille and Imagine Dragons; they’re actually a pretty competent band.

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I’m really pleased with how this turned out. The bootlegged version of this that she recorded for The Wild Heart has always been one of my favorite unreleased tracks and this really does it justice; I’m glad she didn’t do much tampering with it (unlike on the last album, when she turned “Lady From the Mountain” into “Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream)”, ugh).

She’s not been wronged here though. Nothing bad could possibly come from this for her. Her career’s obviously got enough momentum now that some third-rate pop band that nobody knows outside of the UK (I sure as hell hadn’t heard of them until this) decided to do a karaoke rendition of one of her songs isn’t going wash everything down the drain. If this is a matter of “a violation of artistic integrity” then perhaps she shouldn’t have released most of the songs on her album before the album was actually released. At any rate, I just think the outrage is silly and that this is nothing to get bent out of shape about. She’ll be fine.

Whatever. She’s not being ripped off in any way. She’ll get her royalties, she’s credited in the liner notes of the albums, she really has no reason to be upset. This is a really ridiculous temper tantrum.

This is just stupid. People cover other artists songs all the time. Banks has covered all sorts of people; I doubt she called up The Weeknd personally when she did “What You Need”, or got in contact with Aaliyah’s estate when she did “Are You That Somebody”. Take a chill pill girl, you don’t really want to adopt Don Henley’s “you darn kids get off my property” mindset do you?

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Does anybody else remember Native Korean Rock? The little one-off solo project Karen O did a year or so after Show Your Bones was released? It basically only existed in the form of a poorly-maintained MySpace page that featured six or so songs, but this was definitely one of them. I wonder if the rest of those songs have made it onto Crush Songs. They had names like “OOO” and “Beast” and I think she also did a cover of The Doors’ “Indian Summer”.

Yeah FMMF has been a hot mess from the beginning. It doesn’t help that Columbus doesn’t really have a good venue for a festival (which I guess is why it’s set up SXSW style, at multiple venues). Furthermore, R. Kelly–in addition to being a highly controversial figure–doesn’t really fit in well with the rest of this line-up.

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That’s nice. I see in your attempt to either run to Lykke Li’s defense or make a statement against Lorde, or perhaps both (I’m not sure where your mindset is) you’ve totally missed my point, which was just that they’ve both made albums as teenagers that sound like they were written by teenagers (because they were). Radiohead also falls into this category (“Pablo Honey” is their “Youth Novels”/”Pure Heroine”, but I digress). At no point did I try to convince anyone that Lorde is more talented than Lykke Li (and I wouldn’t, that would be ignorant; they’re two totally different artists at very different stages int heir respective careers, from different generations, with distinctly different aesthetics), so I’m not exactly sure from where you gleaned that, or why you felt it so necessary to imply that what I was getting at was “Lorde > Lykke Li”. So, just throwing that out there.