Yeah FMMF has been a hot mess from the beginning. It doesn’t help that Columbus doesn’t really have a good venue for a festival (which I guess is why it’s set up SXSW style, at multiple venues). Furthermore, R. Kelly–in addition to being a highly controversial figure–doesn’t really fit in well with the rest of this line-up.

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That’s nice. I see in your attempt to either run to Lykke Li’s defense or make a statement against Lorde, or perhaps both (I’m not sure where your mindset is) you’ve totally missed my point, which was just that they’ve both made albums as teenagers that sound like they were written by teenagers (because they were). Radiohead also falls into this category (“Pablo Honey” is their “Youth Novels”/”Pure Heroine”, but I digress). At no point did I try to convince anyone that Lorde is more talented than Lykke Li (and I wouldn’t, that would be ignorant; they’re two totally different artists at very different stages int heir respective careers, from different generations, with distinctly different aesthetics), so I’m not exactly sure from where you gleaned that, or why you felt it so necessary to imply that what I was getting at was “Lorde > Lykke Li”. So, just throwing that out there.

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While I really like “Youth Novels”, and have ever since it came out, I can totally understand why she as an artist finds it cringey now. It does sound like an album written by a teenager, albeit a very talented teenager, and her sound has changed an awful lot. I kind of expect to hear this same thing from Lorde, two more albums from now, about how she can’t stand Pure Heroine anymore.

Is it okay to be bummed out by artists “going pop” yet?

Yeah I’m not exactly getting all of the “Foster The People is the most boring band ever” stuff that goes on at this site all the time. Sure, they’re not earth-shatteringly profound but Maroon 5 has been around for like ten years now and nobody’s more fucking boring than them.

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Best news I’ve heard in a good while. I’m awfully excited for this.

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Let’s not forget the most important bit of information here: both of these bands are fucking terrible.

Not all that surprising when you considering that you know… they’re divorced. How many people actually speak to their ex-spouses when there aren’t any kids in the mix? I feel like it can’t be many.

Is it so far-fetched to assume that Jay-Z’s probably kind of a douchebag and Solange had just had enough of his shit?

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It’s so pop that it’s like parody of pop, but it’s somehow even more pop than that. More pop than pop. It’s really fucking creepy to me, and I like that a lot.