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 0Posted on Jan 23rd | re: Diplo Says Taylor Swift Fans Are The Worst People In The World (38 comments)

I’ll only believe it if Vince Neil says it.

 +13Posted on Jan 20th | re: Album Of The Week: Viet Cong Viet Cong (140 comments)

Glad you spent so much time on “Death”. That song is an absolute monster. Every time I hear it it makes me want to do nothing more in the world than start the album again so I can build back to it. Again and again. And again. And how about again?

Hmmm…good question:

Kanye West – David Bowie – Radiohead

Three artists who don’t come to Minnesota for one reason or another, but I *need* to see.

 +4Posted on Jan 6th | re: Album Of The Week: Rae Sremmurd SremmLife (23 comments)

I’m guessing California X.

 +1Posted on Jan 2nd | re: No One Buys Pianos Anymore (6 comments)

That’s pretty much how we got ours. Although it was local so it was a “if you can get it out of here you can have it” situation.

It is a shame, though.

 +3Posted on Jan 2nd | re: No One Buys Pianos Anymore (6 comments)

That’s true, but that’s the price for a grand. You can get yourself a new upright for just a couple thousand. Still not cheap, but much more workable.

But if they didn’t “blatantly nick” from Bikini Kill, which Chris and Tom are claiming (I haven’t heard the album enough to have an opinion), then it is a lazy and sexist comparison. So, whether or not they lifted from BK actually is the central point.

Yep. Pretentious? Maybe (so are loooooots of other artists), but I have seen absolutely no evidence she’s disingenuous, and I’d like to have that claim explained to me.

 +4Posted on Dec 22nd, 2014 | re: The 101 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2015 (221 comments)

That top ten…holy balls. If all of those are actually released it will be an amazing year.

 +3Posted on Dec 15th, 2014 | re: Stream D'Angelo And The Vanguard Black Messiah (23 comments)

That’ll do, D’Angelo. That’ll do.