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 +1Posted on Dec 23rd, 2014 | re: Watch Justin Timberlake & Garth Brooks Duet On "Friends In Low Places" (3 comments)

if your hears can’t handle the cheer and tunefulness of “Low Places” you’re certainly are missing something. Looks like a shit ton of fun.

 0Posted on Nov 14th, 2014 | re: Neil Young Albums From Worst To Best (145 comments)

it’s a guitar manifesto. A stylistic landmark of minimalism and feeling. In poetry classes, we talked about this notion of “duende”, which is like total commitment to improvisation that you hit this magic zone of complete emotional harmony. Whoever we studied, i can’t even remember, couldn’t touch Neil’s ability. I wish i could show you guys my “EKTIN” tattoo

 0Posted on Nov 14th, 2014 | re: Neil Young Albums From Worst To Best (145 comments)

I feel this song so much and never could really crack it like the way you just explained. Thanks for the reply. Hawks and Doves also boasts “Little Wing” which is magical. Hearing a live version of it Aquarium Drunkard last year; it’s got a melancholic-heroin vibe that nods to “On the Beach”

 0Posted on Sep 17th, 2014 | re: Win The Beatles In Mono 14-LP Vinyl Box Set (1455 comments)

Rubber Soul

 +1Posted on Apr 21st, 2014 | re: The 10 Most Expensive Record Store Day '14 Flips On Ebay (60 comments)

How much was LCD originally listed for?

 0Posted on Feb 19th, 2013 | re: Firefly Festival 2013 Lineup (6 comments)


the black angels!

 +1Posted on Oct 10th, 2011 | re: Real Estate Days Comment Party (37 comments)

Does anyone know if Etienne, the drummer left the band, and if so, if he recorded on this album? Pitchfork put up some live vids last week and he wasn’t on the kit…