from GQ: “Casablancas nevertheless maintains that Tyranny has strong commercial potential, and who knows, maybe it does—I find myself listening to one song, “Nintendo Blood,” over and over again, all tired and sweet nostalgia, like something from a John Hughes movie. “


I can’t wait for this dang album.

The first demo is “Bad Words”, not Bad Dreams. I got mine in the mail on Monday. This guy is a marvel, I’m mildly obsessed with him.

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“Sounding a bit defensive”–gee, I wonder why, when literally every online publication are taking every opportunity they can to actively shit on a band that has played less than ten live shows in their life and have not even released an album yet.

I mean, I agree, obviously, these live videos aren’t great, or even good, but yeesh. Give the guy a break.

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Can’t wait. That part at 7:23 sounds amazing. Also the subliminal images in this video are great:

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1. $40 for this is fucking crazy
2. I want to buy one
3. Seeing this today made me listen to Random Access Memories again, so…they win?

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He did it right before bringing out Carrie Brownstein too. Good stuff and rightly so because that performance was crazy.

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Mildly disappointed with this. Kind of goes nowhere. I don’t see the comparison to BH/Devotion at all… :(

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Hey he spent like six hours making sure he blurred the last card real good! Cut him some slack!

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