I cannot wait, honestly. This guy has absolutely captivated me since the first moment I heard him, since then I’ve gathered everything I can by him. I just got the third demo (‘Hollywood’, mentioned in the P4K article) yesterday in the mail. My expectations are so unreasonably high for this LP.

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That’s my video!! I would have taken a longer one but I was basically standing at their feet, so it felt kind of awkward. Incredible, incredible show. They played three new songs.

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I listen to it almost every night before I go to sleep. When I get in bed I’m usually onto disc 2, and when you lower the volume to just the right amount it creates an incredible effect, you only hear certain tones and notes. I also just walk around town at night moping a lot, and Rhubarb, Lichen and Stone in Focus are all time greats for that particular activity.

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Definitely not, but Nine Types of Light definitely marked a step towards more concrete lyricism and less abstract concepts, and this looks to continue that path, which I’m fine with. NTOL was a great record and I’ve enjoyed both tracks from Seeds immensely.

Actually that was all pretty standard fare as far as Julian on late night TV goes. This performance was mildly incredible though, he really gave it his all.

I think this article was written before that tweet (mentioning 2nd day of recording you’re referring to) was tweeted.

“Or maybe Yorke just found a box of old drafts?”

I’m betting that probably Yorke just found a box of old drafts

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Xerox and Nintendo Blood are my favorites.

“Good job, Business Dog!”

from GQ: “Casablancas nevertheless maintains that Tyranny has strong commercial potential, and who knows, maybe it does—I find myself listening to one song, “Nintendo Blood,” over and over again, all tired and sweet nostalgia, like something from a John Hughes movie. “