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i’m a huge fan of the drums but i’m going to have to let this song grow on me… sort of wish they had started the track @ 2:30.

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i love this band… and i found out that Queen Latifah has a TV show.

if this kind of stuff bothers you then i don’t know how you get out of bed in the morning.
how many kids across the globe have been drone-bombed by the USA in the past 6 years alone ?

thanks for writing a lot of my own sentiments here. i agree with the anarcho-capitalists, but nothing GYBE has done or said really resembles any anarchist leanings aside from their DIY recordings.
they’re making it sound like austerity is bad thing and i’m sure they’d jump for the joy if the “kanadian” government “did something” about the supposedly-melting polar icecaps (they’ve gained more ice over the past year+)

cognitive dissonance. buzz you are right on the money.
people don’t want their delicate sensibilities disrupted, even when confronted by mountains of truth.

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seems Choi Chul-sooish.

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The Girl and the Robot – Royksøpp feat. Robyn

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EHX Stereo Memory Man

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the prophet-style synth tone in this track is terrific.