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 +3Posted on Jul 16th | re: Hodor Announces "Rave Of Thrones" DJ Tour (5 comments)

Definitely thought this was an Onion article at first

 0Posted on Jul 15th | re: The Drums - "Magic Mountain" (9 comments)

Wait, did Pierce’s solo album actually get released? I remember that song coming out but not any follow up.

 0Posted on Jun 30th | re: Violence Erupts At BET Awards Parties (6 comments)

Cole Alexander approves of this news post.

 +4Posted on Jun 20th | re: Bee Thousand Turns 20 (31 comments)

I’m something of a GBV stan, but I do have a measure of discernment with which I can say confidently that February’s Motivational Jumpsuit could easily slide into the band’s stream of straight-up opuses from 92-97, which is pretty amazing considering how much they’ve put out in just the last two and a half years. But, I mean, I also think Under the Bushes edges out this record for their best work, so I could be wrong.

Well, I think if you look at the sort of “traditional” R&B that Smith is emulating, there’s definitely not a lot of critical/cultural cachet there nowadays – most of that is going to hip-hop or to the artier variations that I’m glad we’ve stopped calling “PBR&B.” Which, honestly, from an artistic standpoint I think is a good thing, but that’s of course debatable. That’s why I think records like Saint Heron last year are so important – it’s like, no, it’s not just white people taking these influences in interesting directions. Still wouldn’t say it’s “disgusting” the way Smith et. al crib from the genre, though.

wow, tl/dr


A new Art Brut album would be quite nice.

 +1Posted on Mar 17th | re: Wye Oak - "Glory" (2 comments)

This was far and away the highlight of the SXSW show I saw them do. So good.

 +1Posted on Oct 24th, 2013 | re: Guided By Voices' Feud With eBaying Ex-Drummer Gets Ugly (27 comments)

Which is hilarious considering “Under the Hedge” is about Leo and Pollard getting into a fight.

 -1Posted on Jun 3rd, 2013 | re: Stream Surfer Blood Pythons (15 comments)

Again, while I appreciate Stereogum’s stance on the issue from a moral standpoint, I honestly don’t see why you continue to cover Surfer Blood. Maybe I’d get it if the writers thought they were one of the best bands currently out there, but “slight-but-catchy” is hardly a ringing endorsement. Why not just leave the band to the hundreds of other internet blogs?

 0Posted on May 23rd, 2013 | re: Broken Social Scene x Years - "Day Of The Kid" (Stereogum Premiere) (3 comments)

I still can’t tell whether or not the hiatus is over, given this, the performances, and the contributions to Son of Rogues Gallery. I hope it is.

Also, I can’t believe I just completely forgot about Years. The Major Lift was my jam back in 2010.