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I love Stereogum because they don’t shy away from non-cynical, non-ironic, thoughtful and appreciative write-ups about not only bands like The Shins and REM and Tribe, but also about bands like The Black Crowes and Live and Stone Temple Pilots.

Now if only they’d make a “The 10 Best Barenaked Ladies Songs” list.

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It bumps!

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THAT THUNDERCAT INTRO. Wouldn’t it be amazing if this album dropped out of the sky this month?

Also: 3:47>4:00 is basically cut out of The Dark Knight.

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A killer album, too.

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The entirety of ‘Benji,’ an album that initially captivated me with its candidness and sensitivity and wit, just has this penetrating smell of bullshit now.

Viva ‘Lost In The Dream’, Viva ‘RTJ2′, Viva ‘Home Like Noplace Is There’, Viva pretty much any other good album of the year. But fuck ‘Benji’. It’s tainted and Mark Kozelek tainted it. Get out.

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“Though I kept to myself, and for the most part was pretty coy
I once got baited into clocking some undeserving boy
Out on the elementary school playground
I threw a punch that caught him off-guard and knocked him down

And when I walked away, the kids were cheering
And though I grinned, deep inside I was hurting
But not nearly as much as I’d hurt him
He stood up, his glasses broken and his face was red

And I was never a schoolyard bully
It was only one incident and it has always eaten at me
I was never a young schoolyard bully
And wherever you are, that poor kid, I’m so sorry”

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So, reading this made me go listen to “Get What You Give” because I still think it’s awesome. No rapture here.

But as I listened, I realized that song sounds pretty much exactly the same as the goddamned Michelle Branch/Carlos Santana stinker “Game of Love” from the year 2002. Like, eerily similar. So I checked…


I was there. Hilarious and legitimately great song. It should also be mentioned that the balloons were mentioned earlier in the set at Hardly Strictly, when Ryan said “No more of this nostalgic bullshit. It’s time to play a dumb song. I see those fucking balloons back there! It’s time to get dumb!” and then the band broke into ‘Easy Plateau’ off of Cold Roses. Hahaha.

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It makes me so happy that this album is even halfway decent, let alone actually pretty good. And it heartens me to see that the majority of this site agrees. I think we all, somewhere deep down inside, root for Weezer and Rivers.

Weezer’s career seems to be following a U-curve trajectory. Amazing album, amazing album, good album, good album, BAD ALBUM, BAD ALBUM, BAD ALBUM, OK album, Good album. I see a promising future. Their worst stuff is past.

Also, does anybody else maybe think the 3 or 4 bad records they put out might have just been an elaborate plan by Rivers Cuomo to create a birth of the hero>fall of the hero>rise of the hero narrative with his musical career? Because he’s crazy? And that explains all the meta lyricism about making crappy music on this album and the last one? Nobody else thinks that? Okay. Bye.

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Just have to say that this list has provided a solid foundation for me to discover and get “into” XTC over the past few days. Thanks for making it!