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Yeah! My thoughts exactly about their feature on here and on Pitchfork today. This is a seriously outstanding song, but I think they’ve had even better ones on the last two LPs — so I’m surprised this is the one that finally crossed the barrier. So pumped for Rented World.

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This is decidedly funky fresh. I like the chipmunk whistle behind the whole thing.

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Goddamn, this is a toughie.

The 20/20 Experience has invaded my ears/mind more than any other album this year. I have sang like a buffoon at the top of my lungs in my car (and, occasionally, elsewhere) to “Pusher Love Girl”, “That Girl”, and “Mirrors” enough times in 2013 that I would be lying if I said anything else was my favorite thus far.

Boards of Canada, VampWeek, Laura Marling, and Disclosure are also wonderful. 2013′s been good.

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Not enough love for Neon Bible on this list. Might be nostalgia, but it’s my favorite Arcade Fire record.

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it’s a band it’s a band it’s a band it’s a band


it’s a band it’s a band it’s a band it’s a band

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“Nauseas” … “why the hell is he launching a ‘multibillion-dollar Internet company from HIM garage’”

Smells like you need a proofreader. ZING.

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Preeeeeecisely. A finite list about a band with a multi-faceted, high quality discography like Blur/Wilco will always inspire an awesome music discussion.

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Oops, I did that too. Shoot! Sorry!!

Sorry sorry! Sorry!

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Where’s the Trey Anastasio love??

Phish’s “Run Like An Antelope”