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I wonder if Albini is still crotchety enough to get mad at this writer for forgetting that he hates being called a “producer”. Agreed though, he’s mellowed with age.

What’s so wrong about romanticizing ‘Diane Young”, Great song!

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About every six months or so I see an article like this and it annoys me. For a lot of the same reasons mentioned above I feel like Lowery and ppl like him are out-of-touch and a bit cranky. And then I pause to think about the amount of music I’ve listened to for free lately and I feel a certain rush of guilt. I think back to being a teenager in the ’90s and having to actually buy CD’s. I inevitably go and purchase a bunch of MP3′s on iTunes out of this guilt that I otherwise wouldn’t have, out of habit, mind you.
So, yes, Lowery sounds like a dipshit, most of the time. But in my particular case, I need these dipshits to remind me once every so often that I haven’t been [financially] rewarding my favorite artists enough lately.

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I’ve basically been refreshing this site ever since Hesitation Marks dropped cuz I knew it was time for a TR entry in this series. With that said…seriously that top 3 could have easily been picked by someone who just fucking Googled “NIN” and spent 5 minutes researching. In particular, time has shown that there is nothing unimpeachable about DWS. It’s a real headtrip sure, but it’s a mess of a record that would not…I repeat would NOT be so highly favored if it came out in 2004 instead of ’94. Rock critics are such great generalists…and the years ’91 – ’94 are given some unnecessary hegemony of critical awe.

All of this is just to say…The Fragile, WTF??? Should have been top 3, easily.

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To quote Robert Duvall in Apocolypse Now “Charlie-Don’t-Surf!”

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Marshals are Dead. Nuff said.

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I mean yeah…I would prefer not to see this sort of thing. But before getting too angry at it I guess one must wonder if Minor Threat is even relevant enough these days for this to matter that much. In 1993 of course this would have been a different story…

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The least focused but most musical Radiohead record, and that’s why I love it. Like the White Album or Sandinsta! this was RH’s moment to just let it all hang out and be unencumbered music-makers, instead of stern artists on a mission. The odd nooks and crannies are what make this a record to return to years later.

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Yeah, I believe the bar is pretty highly set for either of these artists when performing solo, let along as a duo. That said (and yes, not the greatest harmonies) live performances on network TV late shows always sound like they’re marginally better than a boombox recording of me singing in the shower*

*note: I sound pretty awesome when singing in the shower so that might not be that bad after all.

Issac talks exactly like he sings