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I use Spotify everyday, but I’ve also bought more music in the past eighteen months since I can’t remember when. It’s probably due to the inevitable guilt trip brought on by articles like this (plus the occasional David Lowery rant) but the net effect is the same. I support the artists that I care most about and I do it frequently.

As for “making it up” to musicians by buying concert tix and merch instead? Fine, so long as bands don’t need to tour 11.9 months out of the year in order to survive. But you know this is exactly what they have to do.

I’d really like to see a return to the days when artists could actually release a record (or two!) every single year. Tough to do when you’re on the road incessantly but that’s how artists grow and make thier very best music, not by making us wait an entire presidential term between albums while they tour non-stop.

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I wonder if Albini is still crotchety enough to get mad at this writer for forgetting that he hates being called a “producer”. Agreed though, he’s mellowed with age.

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What’s so wrong about romanticizing ‘Diane Young”, Great song!

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About every six months or so I see an article like this and it annoys me. For a lot of the same reasons mentioned above I feel like Lowery and ppl like him are out-of-touch and a bit cranky. And then I pause to think about the amount of music I’ve listened to for free lately and I feel a certain rush of guilt. I think back to being a teenager in the ’90s and having to actually buy CD’s. I inevitably go and purchase a bunch of MP3′s on iTunes out of this guilt that I otherwise wouldn’t have, out of habit, mind you.
So, yes, Lowery sounds like a dipshit, most of the time. But in my particular case, I need these dipshits to remind me once every so often that I haven’t been [financially] rewarding my favorite artists enough lately.

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I’ve basically been refreshing this site ever since Hesitation Marks dropped cuz I knew it was time for a TR entry in this series. With that said…seriously that top 3 could have easily been picked by someone who just fucking Googled “NIN” and spent 5 minutes researching. In particular, time has shown that there is nothing unimpeachable about DWS. It’s a real headtrip sure, but it’s a mess of a record that would not…I repeat would NOT be so highly favored if it came out in 2004 instead of ’94. Rock critics are such great generalists…and the years ’91 – ’94 are given some unnecessary hegemony of critical awe.

All of this is just to say…The Fragile, WTF??? Should have been top 3, easily.

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To quote Robert Duvall in Apocolypse Now “Charlie-Don’t-Surf!”

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Marshals are Dead. Nuff said.

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I mean yeah…I would prefer not to see this sort of thing. But before getting too angry at it I guess one must wonder if Minor Threat is even relevant enough these days for this to matter that much. In 1993 of course this would have been a different story…

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The least focused but most musical Radiohead record, and that’s why I love it. Like the White Album or Sandinsta! this was RH’s moment to just let it all hang out and be unencumbered music-makers, instead of stern artists on a mission. The odd nooks and crannies are what make this a record to return to years later.

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Yeah, I believe the bar is pretty highly set for either of these artists when performing solo, let along as a duo. That said (and yes, not the greatest harmonies) live performances on network TV late shows always sound like they’re marginally better than a boombox recording of me singing in the shower*

*note: I sound pretty awesome when singing in the shower so that might not be that bad after all.