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great news, however: you’re ‘iffy’? huh, it’s a shame to see such strong production ignored…

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strangely, I agree.

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where’s da kanye, all dat kanye influence on this album? where it be?!?!

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heh. odd future’s fallon story is number three. kanye is number four… SWAG.

Tyler should ride Fallon around more often. SWAG.

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We already buried the limbs.

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Tyler’ fucken’ swag, all you hters fucken’ fags.

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Did Stanley Donwood do the album art or something?

 +4Posted on Jan 10th, 2011 | re: Double Take: Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (185 comments)

Coming from a Kanye fan, I was pretty hyped about this album before hype really flooded in, and I really just enjoyed seeing how Kanye could re-evaluate hip hop so smoothly. My thoughts are that this album is actually pretty amazing, but maybe not in the same way that reviews suggest; it’s pretty novel for sites like Pitchfork and even Stereogum to support a hip hop album as ‘the best album of the year’, ironic even, and so I think to an extent non-hip hop cultured websites and newspapers enjoyed MBDTF as something highly accessible. As a heavy hip hop listener however, I think it works most interestingly in how it challenges popular hip hop ideas, it innovates with the use of autotune once again, and pushes the hunt for samples into regions mainstream hip hop generally avoids. In my personal opinion, if from this album artist’s like Gil Scott Heron, King Crimson, and more modern names like Bon Iver and Aphex Twin get more attention and broaden the minds and ears of generally docile listeners, I will be more than pleased to say that Kanye West had the best album of 2010.