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Totally forgot Dead Letter Office. That was mostly a knock off and covers record but it made me want to learn guitar. Playing along to that record trying to figure out Buck’s moves was a blessing for a 22 year old trying learn guitar the right way. See Stereogum? Try again.

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I thought Daysleeper had it’s moments.

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Stand as one of the worst things in REM’s catalog? I wish they would get people that know REM to write about REM rather than some kid that just ran through the songs at lunch time on his iPod. Why isn’t there a Stereogum reviews from worst to worst on here? Sure needs to be one. Ridiculous.

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The problem with this band, and a lot of other bands that are coming out right now, isn’t the constant drumming of the foot or anything like that. It’s the fake emotion and wind trying to be caught in a time loooong ago when this kind of music was actually believable. It doesn’t fit anywhere…And to me, it just seems like it’s the same formula over and over to please the masses. When I hear people cover this band, I literally want to stab my eardrums because it’s bad music just worse. I understand where they’re trying to come from. But one thing I always want to ask bands when they ARE trying to catch the wind that left a looong time ago: Do YOU believe in what you’re singing about? Because unless you convince yourself, I will never be. And people who understand will know what I’m talking about. If you don’t believe it, why should I?

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If this is the future of good music, we’re screwed. Yes, Divine Fits, North Highlands…Come on.

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And for the first question above from Mr. Whine-something…Blur have always been important. I just think a lot of Americans were too busy being force fed Nirvana and grunge respectively. Graham Coxon is one THE greatest and most innovative guitarists to ever grace that instrument. And finally people are starting to realize this. What a shame. Listen with your ears, not with your eyes.

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I respect this list, but hello…Tender? Chemical World is soooo good too. Charmless Man from TGE? Come on man, you can do better than this. All great songs, but not their best. And this comes from a 40 year old Blur fanatic from the start. I will say though…Trimm Trabb is one of their best riffs ever. Nice try though.

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Sounds like an outtake from the Spongebob soundtrack. Love some Wilco…just not feelin it. Wasn’t too excited about the Album as well. Just seems too safe.

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The most disappointing thing about this song is the fact that Brian Eno produced and has his name tagged to this. The producers job is to tell the band Yes and No. Do it better and ask questions. I respect Coldplay and you have to move in different directions to achieve some sort of artistic growth. But I just can’t see this going anywhere. Remember before X/Y came out, some of their new songs were just Echo and the Bunnymen rip offs? Ex: Listen to “Moses.” Maybe this is another decoy in lieu of better tunes. Who knows right?

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Well honestly why would they reunite? Some people just don’t understand that when you spend a great deal of your life surrounded by different individuals every single day, especially if they’re a perfectionist like our Billy up there, you tend to want to be by yourself or do your own thing. When bands reunite and do tours, most of the time it’s not because they want to be together, it’s to please fans and check books. Simple as that. When bands make music together there’s that spark one time and it tends to fade after a while. And the reason they wanted to make music will most probably always change in time. There’s always a purpose why bands make music, and sometimes that vision will fade over time. It’s just part of life in a band. If it’s not fun, why do it?