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 -2Posted on Mar 26th | re: NIN Parody "This Is A Trent Reznor Song" Gets A Video (7 comments)

“The song is up for sale on iTunes”
Oh so the guy wanna make money off a parody of “Copy of A” ? Well funny or not, that’s just wrong. I’m not sure Trent will laugh at that …

 0Posted on Mar 24th | re: Arcade Fire Seek Bobblehead Stolen In Bridgeport (8 comments)

So much hate for just stating the facts. You don’t have to cancel a gig cause you don’t have your props to make it more concept/weird etc. I’m not saying it’s a good thing they got their bobblehead stolen, I’m saying come on, stop acting like someone stole your instruments. There have been many stories of indie bands who got their gear stolen, and bands that weren’t able to play cause they don’t have the money to buy new instruments in the middle of a tour. Now read that news again: “Our bobblehead’s essential to our show”. Nothing bugs you ?

I’m starting to realize any kind of criticism towards this band is forbidden on this website. And I’m saying that, having their first 3 albums in my apartment, so it’s not like I’m “trolling”. Anyway, have fun defending anything Arcade Fire says and does forever …

 -2Posted on Mar 24th | re: Arcade Fire Seek Bobblehead Stolen In Bridgeport (8 comments)

“that is an essential component to our live show.”
no, instruments are. musicians are. Bobbleheads aren’t.

 0Posted on Mar 13th | re: Watch Charli XCX Debut New Single "Breaking Up" At SXSW (3 comments)

Damn this audience. Looks like SXSW is really a “stare at your phone and nod your head gently” contest.

“explains grammy diss: “I was really drunk” ” is really confusing for a title. He wasn’t drunk at the grammys (or at least he didn’t say), he was drunk during another show. The title suggests he was drunk at the grammy, and that he was the one doing the diss. He didn’t have anythin to do with that, it was Reznor.

So really, take care with your choice of words. (Or maybe hide it better if you wanna make the article more “buzz-friendly”)

 +3Posted on Mar 12th | re: Watch Julian Casablancas Play New Song "Ego" In Pensacola (14 comments)

so now we gotta call him J-Cas ? Damn, I’m so outdated with my “Julz”.

 +2Posted on Mar 12th | re: Neil Young's SXSW Keynote Derailed By Simple Question About Pono (26 comments)

He could have also asked “Why asking for people to kickstart the project so late ? Don’t you have enough money to release it ?”
(yeah I’m gonna post about that in EVERY news about Pono => )

There’s so little information about this. I read on Pitchfork it’s got 128 Gb storage, which seems little when you have high quality Flac files. Then you got artists saying this was “the best experience they had eveeerr” but we don’t know what music they listened to, what headphones they had etc …

And now there’s a kickstarter. I mean, really ? Neil freaking Young has not enough money and wants us to buy in before launch for a “thank you” or a t-shirt unless you got 200$ to spend on a bet ? Is it just because they’re afraid it’s gonna crash and burn and they want to avoid losing too much money ?

We’ll see if the “revolution” happens, but this method is really not making anythin to get my trust.

 +2Posted on Mar 11th | re: Watch Warpaint Play Conan (5 comments)

I can’t choose who I love more in this band. Already fell in love few years ago @ Primavera. Perfect performance, Theresa is great as lead singer.

 0Posted on Jan 21st | re: EMA - "Satellites" Video (3 comments)

She definitely loves the Oculus Rift. And her hair.