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 0Posted on Jul 22nd | re: 2:54 - "Orion" (2 comments)

Their first album is so underrated it’s a pity. This single is announcing a great 2nd one.

 0Posted on Jul 17th | re: Listen To Jack Antonoff On Marc Maron's WTF (5 comments)

everythin related to FUN. sucks. Everything related to fun is great.

 +2Posted on Jul 9th | re: Steve Gunn - "Milly's Garden" (3 comments)

you had me at “one of the members of the violators”. Beautiful track.

Oh no, why is Fun. in the tracklist ?
The line-up was almost perfect :(

 +28Posted on Jul 2nd | re: Death Grips Break Up (89 comments)

Well at least the comedy is over now, no more “we hate mainstream/majors but we do a clip produced by MTV and get a contract with Epic records”, no more “Let’s put out a mixtape with a dick on the cover to get some media coverage and piss off our label”, no more “let’s make people watch a fake show with no one on stage when they payed to see us”, and “let’s cancel our tour cause fuck this we don’t owe anyone anything”.
I’m pretty sure even though they disrespected their fans until the end, those fans are gonna clap and buy into the whole “oh it’s an art project so it all makes sense for us to be treated like morons”.

This band is still as great as they were when they started (and they never got soft or cheesy, which is kinda rare for an experimental pop band). Hope to see them live soon, they don’t come to europe very often …

Funny how so many people point out the corny trailer but not the corny song. (downvote all you want, but I had to say it)

 +10Posted on May 1st | re: Warpaint Guitarist Says BEYONCÉ Is Slutty (51 comments)

Kinda sad she apologized for that (if she really said it) cause it’s just true. Beyoncé’s fans are pretty blind since she is being portrayed as the most “influential” (if that even means a thing) “independant” woman on earth.
Her songs and videos (and her appearances with Jay-Z on stage) become more and more sexist, showing her as some kind of sextoy. I guess she plays on both sides, she can be the wealthy independant woman, but when it comes to her husband, she’s like a moaning doll doing everything he pleases.
Not that I care about their life, but let’s not be blind on that, just cause “Beyoncé’s the best/most beautiful woman on earth/untouchable”

Now let’s do the whole thing, just cancel RSD and let artist release limited edition whenever they want. At least it’s gonna get attention from music fans and not greedy re-sellers.

Cause if we gotta have a RSD full of people never buying music and just there to get limited editions (often just shitty reissues or fancy picture disc of the same album that cost 5$ on sale, or just the single of the next album of an artist who wouldn’t make it limited edition if RSD didn’t exist), like the people I saw this year in the two record stores I went to, then what’s the point.

Or just make a RSD without any limited edition releases. At least people will come to celebrate record stores, not celebrate getting the most limited editions of the day, cause they ran between places to then show off on facebook/instagram/twitter (or worst, just sell what they don’t care about on Ebay). All in all, it’s difficult to deny Record Store Day is becoming the exact opposite of that it wanted to be: a day where people don’t care so much about the record stores than their little collections, a christmas for re-sellers, and for the record stores owners I know, kind of a sad day, seeing those people won’t come back until next day.