+30Posted on Mar 19th, 2012 | re: In Defense Of Skrillex (286 comments)

The whole bass-drop theory is totally spot on, which would explain why all of the metalcore kids I used to know are WAY into skrillex right now.

 +1Posted on Jan 21st, 2012 | re: Nicki Minaj - "Stupid Hoe" Video (22 comments)

Is she addressing the same haters as her previous hater hating songs?
Or is this nicki minaj song referencing song referencing nicki’s constant need to reference herself?
Maybe this is her own attempt at self criticism? Nicki may be calling herself the stupid hoe, objectifying herself for self interests. That would be neat.

 0Posted on Oct 7th, 2011 | re: Win of Montreal's Limited Edition Cassette Box Set (337 comments)

Skeletal fucking lamping

 0Posted on Nov 6th, 2010 | re: Win A $300 Apple Records Box Set (252 comments)

Plastic Ono Band!