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01. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (this was my intro to the band, and thus my fav for all time)
02. Disintegration
03. Wish
04. The Head on the Door
05. Bloodflowers
06. Faith
07. Pornography
08. Seventeen Seconds
09. Wild Mood Swings
10. Three Imaginary Boys
11. The Top
12. 4:13 Dream
13. The Cure

I know they’re not formal albums, but I got a LOT of milage out of the cassette version of Standing on a Beach for the amazing b-sides, and years later utterly consumed every bit of Join the Dots. I love many of their b-sides more than several complete albums.

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I don’t see Peter Hook ever playing in New Order again… but that’s not stopping Bernard and co. from moving on.

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Someday when you have a kid, and you’re looking to maintain your last shred of indie cred – you’ll realize Yo Gabba Gabba! is a truly amazing show. My 2 year old loves it and knows all the characters by name. I get to watch the likes of The Shins, MGMT, The Roots, I’m From Barcelona and of course – Weezer, play kids songs. We discovered that the first 2 seasons are on Netflix instant-stream, and our weekend mornings have never been the same since.

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I can’t believe The Cure hasn’t been mentioned yet!

I spent many a teenage night wallowing to this in particular -

Have you seen this?

Los Campesinos in a Budweiser ad. Pretty awesome.