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adults are not so cute when they yawn though.
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February 19, 2013 on Wake Up, Everybody! Welcome Back!
idris elba was also in takers, never forget.
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November 5, 2012 on Idris Elba Made A Mumford & Sons Music Video, And So Here We All Are
i will use them on the bus ride to unm in a desperate attempt to avoid talking to one of the many drunk individuals who treat the bus as their only daily activity. these individuals ride up and down central avenue, begging for change, a spare ear, and or whatever drugs/booze you can muster up for 'em. there have been several occasions when these individuals have attempted to ask me for my fone number, told me i reminded them of some trip they had in the seventies, or taken a hit of a crack pipe in front of the rest of the bus. my favorite day was when a certain individual peed on my shoes. these headfones will allow me to nod my head to music as i do the reading for my class on the way to finish my degree. they will allow me to drown out the drunken babble at eight in the morning. now if i could only find a way to get rid of the smell.
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August 26, 2011 on Friday Giveaway: iFrogz Headphones!