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I love their version of Iggy Pop’s “The Passenger” …

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Hate to be that guy but Win joined Mavis onstage, not the other way around …

I hope he invited Portland Cello Project to play on he record. Their take on the Song Reader project is great.

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“Talk Tonight”

I’m in my late 30′s and don’t want to hear the hits from high school and/or get drunk. I want to watch two great bands put on an amazing show and hear songs from their entire catalog, not just the radio hits.

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“In My Life”

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I know it’s a lame answer but nothing tops “London Calling.” From the bass line, to the guitar riffs and Joe’s howls, it’s a perfect rock & roll song!

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It’s almost impossible to pick one favorite album but I’d have to go with ‘The Beatles’ just because it’s the first Beatles album I owned.