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“Fall On Me”

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S/FJ’s review is exactly what I had in mind. Incredibly myopic analysis from an otherwise great critic.

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For a minute there I was worried I would get through a review of this album that didn’t included the obligatory Beyonce hosannas, but this came through in the end.

All hail the monoculture and our new lord and savoir Beyonce.

If you can’t trust the voting integrity and secrecy of an entirely fake awards show, what can you trust?

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If anyone has a complaint about this cover, it’s Bruce Motherfucking Hornsby, not Don Henley.

Good thing that Josh Klinghoffer made it into this super-serious Hall of Fame though, right?

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“Tomorrow Never Knows”

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I lost it the second time through “I Can’t Live Without My Mother’s Love” when he hit the line “but mostly I’ll miss being able to call her and talk.”

Befitting its writerly nature, this album rewards multiple listens in a very literary sense: you start picking up lyrics that reference the events and subjects of other songs, and some very rich overarching themes begin to emerge from out of the disparate stories. Easily the most rewarding listen I’ve enjoyed in several years.

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Or the continent of Europe.