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why did I just read this entire comment thread? (and king’s of leon’s is totally a sunset)

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Wow. This is quite possibly the most surprising and interesting thread I’ve ever read on stereogum. Absolutely expected to read 20 posts about why pearl jam sucks a la spacepunk82 above.

Anyway, as someone who grew up in the suburbs of Boston – pearl jam was huge (they still are. Before WBCN disbanded PJ seemingly always won their annual march madness battle of the bands).

When I go home now for weddings and the like, the many friends who never “escaped” still listen to Sublime, Dave Matthews, Pearl Jam, 311 and the like…. but I still never cringe when PJ comes on. They are the only band I still fall back upon every few months, and always will… though I’ve moved well on in my musical tastes, and I don’t love their new stuff.

anyways, since you asked:

what do I think now: it whiffs of cheese, definitely. and I prefer vs/vitalogy/no code but ten’s a for sure classic.
favorite song: black
favorite moment: I’m still a sucker for the “woo woo woo woo” on jeremy. anyone who’s been a part of 20,000 people doing it along with eddie know what I mean.
random memory: listening to the cassette tape while camping with my dad, who actually happens to be a huge fan (still. he’s 51)

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I may be biased as I am a big MMJ fan, currently living in Louisville, and can literally see the steeple of the church they recorded this in out my window as I type this


love it.

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They make 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioners now, Julian.

Song’s not bad though. Like the breakdown around 3:00.

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I’ve never shit talked girl talk, never stuck up for it either. However, this just made my week. Consider me converted.


assuming everyone has seen this by now… but I don’t see a link to it anywhere. No need to download…

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“five years”