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My Christmas present to myself is a new kitten, who will be coming home with me as soon as she’s big enough to be fixed. But my most exciting Christmas gift was the cat bed my sister made me out of an old tv, it is the best! I really love homemade gifts (I painted a Hulk comic for her) and this one was truly perfect. And then I made everyone watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special and tried to explain what happened to Rory and Amy during commercial breaks.

New Year’s was pretty fun, drank responsibly (read, not much). Ruled at all the drinking games by passing the drinks on to my teammates and was told by a drunk acquaintance that I was her ‘Ideal Woman.’ Which I was flattered by? But she has a husband? Ah well, it was nice to hear after my pre-Christmas break up.

But anyway, kittens!

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January 3, 2013 on How Was Everyone’s Holiday?

And Paul McGuigan! And the Moff!

What a great birthday present for Benedict Cumberbatch!

I prefer Reichenbach because of the feels, but I think Scandal is also amazing. Basically I love them all, so I’m not that person to ask..

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July 19, 2012 on The 2012 Emmy Nominations

“This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps!” -Big Lebowski on TV

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December 2, 2011 on Friday Giveaway: “The Dude” Sweater And Jeff Bridges’s Self-Titled Record

This week’s Top Ten leaves me with a lot of questions. And one statement.
1. Why is no one telling that baby to be nice to her dog?
2. Why did that man choose to play the piano to blind elephants?
3. Where was Holly for 6 months?
4. Is there a Rosetta Stone program for porcupine-ese?
5. I seriously love capybaras. There is one that visits my library every summer with a petting zoo and he is the best.

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November 30, 2011 on The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Exactly, and Ron LOVES Andy (see the episode Flu season).

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November 18, 2011 on Thursday Night TV Open Thread

I was going to say Kristen Schaal, but my heart literally sped up when I saw Jonathan Coulton..

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November 4, 2011 on Friday Giveaway: John Hodgman’s That Is All

Badideajeans, I think you’re my favorite person. Ever.

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September 21, 2011 on The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Two And A Half Men Season Premiere

I’d like to buy *that* guy a few Punky Brewsters!

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August 19, 2011 on Friday Giveaway: Aziz Ansari’s Intimate Moments For A Sensual Evening Record