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But for real, this is a very, very strange new direction for Rihanna especially after she posted a studio video of some crazy electronic production.
That’s a huge hook though.

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This is.. surreal

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I don’t remember there being this much outrage when there was a premature evaluation of the leak of Taylor Swift’s latest album. Being against leaks is great, but not so great when it’s done on a case by case basis.

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Apart from one or two tracks, this is.. really solid? Definitely not as good as RTJ2 but I appreciate someone actually thinking about this enough to write about it.
That being said, why should we have to compare this to RTJ2? Something released for free by two rap visionaries will always be insanely different to something released by a big-budget pop artist (even if she is on an indie). Within it’s own sphere, 1989 is just as huge and crazy and innovative as RTJ2.

Taylor’s on an indie, Big Machine Records.

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Interesting. Any idea who produced it? I heard she was working with Paul Epworth.

The change of “I know you’re lying” to “I know you’re trying” is a game changer for me. Plus, Sky’s vocal take on her version is incredible.

Yeah, totally. I’d assume the extra lead time means a few more TV appearances, new marketing campaign, maybe another promo single or two. Good on her for getting to the level where she can get on the charts for her own music, not just writing (very good songs) for other pop stars.

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I went to Arcade Fire’s show as part of this same series, and they didn’t seem to have this VIP system; it must have been just the bigger bands. That being said, a week later I saw Kanye at part of Wireless festival and the VIP/GA divide was ridiculous. Quite literally half the area in front of the stage was fenced off for VIPs, despite it only being about 1/4 full for the entire day. Not even a metre away from this area was the GA section, which was horrendously overpacked, to the point where at least 40 people had to be lifted out before Kanye and a girl wet her pants because she couldn’t move far enough to get out of the crowd. A really terrible situation.

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Happy that Arcade Fire, Gesaffelstein and Disclosure all got nods, despite detesting this ridiculous excuse for an award.