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with Frank Grillo as Carlos D

 +15Posted on Oct 9th | re: Julian Casablancas Blasts GQ Writer Who Made Him Seem Anti-Brunch (129 comments)

Punk shows? In a basement!? A true peoples’ champion.

 0Posted on Oct 1st | re: Krill - "Peanut Butter" Video (5 comments)

peanut butter in school leads to peanut butter in stool

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Beatles For Sale

OK, so that’s what Henry Rollins thinks. Who gives a shit?

It was me, waiting for me, hoping for something Worf

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“Even when the sun comes up I’m in pleather…”

Vampires? Seems like vampires.

 0Posted on Jul 21st | re: Conor Oberst Drops Lawsuit Against Rape Accuser (4 comments)

Off my dome, I’d say murder or assault would be worse things for a woman to do. Its quaint to see someone who thinks women only have enough power to be capable of lying.

Condescend much? I regret the way i wrote that.