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“Man on the Moon”

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They sound good. Though, they sound identical to My Vitriol. That’s a compliment, I guess.

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I tell myself all the time that Steregum’s “Best to Worst” posts won’t distract and bait me for comment. BUT I CAN’T HELP MYSELF. How could Parachutes not be #1. Shiver and Yellow are by far their best songs—still to this day. Okay. I’m done.

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I’m so perplexed by this list and the painful absence of “This Modern Love,” “So Here We Are,” and “The Pioneers.”

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Alligator track list should be the only thing on this list.

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I know this has been said multiple times in this string of comments, but I need to add that it’s completely stupid that “Last Nite” is not a part of this list. Fine, don’t make it #1, but for the Strokes, it’s their most important song.

Your missing the point, James. Though, “thousands” is generally a figure of speech, I’d argue I’ve listened to and discovered thousands of songs and artists since I started getting music online—illegally. Not just via Spotify If you re-read what I wrote, that’s what I was referring to. In terms of listening wrong, I doubt it. My “gluttony” as you described it is no different than your unhealthy obsession over music. I’m not sure how we differ here.

Convenience is how I like to access my music because I’m an active listener and reader and want to get my hands on stuff as soon as it’s released, written about, or leaked. I’m not one to camp out in front of a Tower Records (don’t R.I.P.) for the midnight $18.99 sale of a new release. The last time I did that was when “Vs.” (or, at that time “5 against 1″) was released. And, how silly and unmemorable was that album? Why put in the effort?

I’m sure we have similar musical ethics, however my point is that I want more music faster. What’s wrong with that? I’m paying for Spotify premium, and go to shows and buy concert tees and LPs, so I can sleep soundly—assuming my two baby daughters don’t wake me.

I’m a father of two who grew up in the cassette mix-tape era and hardcord/punk 7 inches. After many years of illegal downloading and thousands of great album discoveries, I’ve evolved to Spotify premium. It’s not necessarily about giving back to the musician, or the labels. Selfishly, it’s always been about convenience in getting my hands on amazing albums. Whenever.

Spotify makes it easier. Devices make it easier. If there are digital means to get something faster, someone needs to make a business around it. Spotify has done that, but even they’re struggling because of the over-bearing monstrous and bloated record labels. No one can deny the distribution and marketing reach big labels have, but until they evolve, or bands find better organized and innovative DIY methods and partnerships of distribution and make money while doing it…I’ll keep on doing what I’m doing. Give me more faster.

I felt more uncomfortable watching them perform than they looked performing. I’m confused by the success of this band. Good for them.

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I like how they sample Soundgarden’s Spoon Man.