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IMO in lists like these you should be able to specify specific periods in a band’s history, like I would with Mastodon from Remission to Blood Mountain (though, like Converge, I’d consider that more metal than rock). As far as the same things go, I’d like to put in a vote for My Morning Jacket for best bands of past 20 years (or at least as far as their first four albums are concerned, which I consider untouchable)

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Funny to me that Converge is on this list as a rock band, alongside Belle and Sebastian and LCD Soundsystem. Nothing against any of those bands, I’m just curious in what sense we can say that they are all apart of the same genre, ‘rock’? The fact that they all have guitar, drums, bass, and vocals?

The point I’m trying to get at is that while there’s nothing wrong with putting all these bands in conversation with one another, ranking bands against one another within a certain genre is inherently problematic- why not just list “my favorite bands from the past 20 years”? These types of lists ultimately just give a sense of what kind of music you like, not so much a sense of which band is the ‘most essential’ or ‘influential’ or ‘greatest’ or whatever.

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They should tour with Cannabis Corpse

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One More Time

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sun kil moon – benji

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Broydrick killed it this week/weeks. Also, can I say that December is my favorite time of the musical year? All these lists just remind me of all the stuff I still need to get around to listening to. FWIW, ‘Benji’ might be my favorite album of the decade, in spite of all this War on Drugs BS, though Future Islands ‘Singles’ was definitely most played this year – followed by Benji, Lost in the Dream, Shriek, and Our Love (approximately).

Trampled Under Foot

Really rad tune, glad I finally got around to checkin em out. I know Wyatt had APL’s release last year as his favorite of 2013- this intersection of Invisible Oranges and Stereogum I dig

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Great find, thanks