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Are you a joke account? Complaining about far left Jon Stewart in another thread, and using “artsy” as an insult in this one?

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I imagine because there’s a lot to be angry about, and when you’re so immersed in the reactionary garbage of the news media it becomes quite overwhelming?

I really don’t know what it is you see as such lunatic left wing diatribes. Was there one in this segment?

I don’t think Jon Stewart is pretending anything. You talk like “further the liberal agenda” is some nefarious plot. Jon Stewart has opinions. He’s pretty clear about them. What’s wrong with someone having opinions and then making comedy around them?

Who made this rule you cite that a nationally televised program shouldn’t contain any “bias”, otherwise known as, opinion? Since when? This worship of false neutrality and middle of the road is absurd. It results in an empty shell of media that gives equal footing to “both sides” no matter how ridiculous one side or the other is and no matter if there are more nuanced multiple sides.

There is bias and opinion embedded in everything. We should be honest about this rather than pretend we can be neutral. The show of “neutrality” is a tacit endorsement of the status quo which is itself an opinion. Especially when you’re part of an oppressed group that suffers as a result of the status quo.

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The two songs from this album sound good and nice but I definitely prefer their more of dark proggy stuff like The Island from The Crane Wife, The Tain, or Hazards of Love.

I have very similar feelings about Wilco. Too many sunny-day folk rock pop songs and not enough of the darker, weirder, more intense stuff that really defines them for me.

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I like Spoon but I don’t understand why so many people love this song. Listened a few times, but maybe I should listen some more…

Embryonic is my second favourite after Soft Bulletin. I also really like The Terror.

It’s hard to compare them because they’re such different albums, but I think Embryonic is really fabulous and right up my alley.

I agree with the poster below, cheap_suit that Yoshimi hasn’t aged well. I don’t listen to it much at all.

I think it’s really underrated.

At first I thought Congratulations was a huge disappointment. I then grew to love it.

At first I thought the recent self titled album was a disappointment. I then grew to love it.

It’s not as good as Congratulations, but I do still love it and listen to it quite a bit.

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This may be the most Dan Bejariest thing Dan Bejar has ever done. So on brand. I don’t care, I don’t care.

Like he’s going to sing in his music video. Please, he has shirt buttons to unbutton and places to lounge about in.

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“The funhouse mirror Zeppelin songs” is a great way to put that, and I agree. Those are the standouts and the sort of pastiche country songs pull the album down.

With that said, I’ve only listened a few times and those songs might reveal themselves to me to be beautiful over time. We’ll see!

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Poison is actually a song from the Rocket Juice and the Moon album, not his new album.

Nobody’s forcing you to pay attention. How horrible that some people out there are just doing what they want to do and some other people really like it and give them enough money to continue.