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Poison is actually a song from the Rocket Juice and the Moon album, not his new album.

Nobody’s forcing you to pay attention. How horrible that some people out there are just doing what they want to do and some other people really like it and give them enough money to continue.

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Not only is she from Canada but her first language is French.

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Not to mention the first ad glamorized abusing women.

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Congratulations is an incredibly underrated album. It’s definitely the better of the two, IMO. It’s just very different and needs some time to sink in.

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I can see the argument for it technically, but I think from a creative standpoint the album is how the artist defines it, which is likely without the bonus tracks that are being put on for marketing purposes. They’re sold with the album.

My point was pedantic though and it doesn’t really matter. The bigger point is that The Terror sounds nothing like Sun Blows Up Today.

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FYI: Sun Blows Up Today is just a bonus track on the iTunes version/maybe other versions but isn’t really part of the album so I wouldn’t say it’s the first single from the album. The rest of the album is (according to the band) not like Sun Blows Up Today at all.

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I really really hope it’s part of another track on the album. That was the best part for me! Looking at the time of this video vs. the track time on iTunes it’s unfortunately not part of this song.

Or they’re just having fun.

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I recall one of them saying it was more of a mixture of Embryonic and The Soft Bulletin, which sounds pretty much amazing to me.

Yoshimi is nice, but is leagues away from the greatness of The Soft Bulletin.

Everything since Embryonic has been okay but not great, but Embryonic was fantastic and an amazing turn for the band. I also definitely prefer Embryonic to Yoshimi, though Yoshimi is very enjoyable!