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Yea, if you’re going to be an asshole you should at least have proper word choice.

Questioning the moral integrity of someone you’ve never met because you don’t like their band and feel morally superior to people who do is, on the hand, a perfectly well-reasoned response.

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You were just being cute referring to The Beach Boys as “some nifty doo-wop stuff,” right?

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The line was taken from a quote during an interview from the TV show Shindig, so one way or another Ringo came up with it.

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I guess he’s off the “dishonest appreciation by yuppies with no way of relating personally to anything your music is about” list. That didn’t take long. Do we still like Rush or they off the list now that everyone hates Judd Apatow movies?

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Taken from Rolling Stone January 27,1994.

“One of your songs that you cut from In Utero at the last minute was I hate myself and I want to die. How literally did you mean it?” Cobain responded:

“As literal as a joke can be. Nothing more than a joke. And that had a bit to do with why we decided to take it off. We knew people wouldn’t get it; they’d take it too seriously. It was totally satirical, making fun of ourselves. I’m thought of as this pissy, complaining, freaked out, schizophrenic who wants to kill himself all the time: ‘He isn’t satisfied with anything.’ And I thought it was a funny title. I wanted it to be the title for the album for along time. but I knew the majority wouldn’t get it.”

Kurt Cobain titling a song as a joke in order to poke fun at the media’s portrayal of his public image is not the same thing as Lana Del Ray saying provocative things to The Guardian in order to get attention.

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I would honestly like someone to explain to me in what way the notion of disagreeing with people who murder other people for the fairy tales they tell their children to make them behave, what plot of land on top of which they happened to have been delivered from the womb, or how many pieces of colored paper or shiny round pieces of metal they have would be considered “trite.” When you call this “pandering” are you saying the people who are opposed to murder are in some way misguided?

Dave also played on the last QOTSA record, which from what I can telll was pretty much universally considered the best mainstream rock and roll record of last year.

Mastodon is busy keeping it real, playing it dangerous on arena tours with Deftones and Alice in Chains. I love all these bands but AIC has gone Full Retard Corporate Rock since their comeback and if you’re going to take their money and open for them let’s make any accusations.

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I have to correct the record here. Noel Gallagher was a fan of Nirvana and Kurt’s music. Noel has referred to him as someone he admires. I’m not quoting directly but that’s the gist of it. The song “Live Forever” was written partially based on Noel’s reaction to hearing the song “I Hate Myself and I Want to Die,” which is a Nirvana b-side (It also should be mentioned that song was titled sarcastically as a joke). I don’t think he would’ve been listening to obscure b-sides of bands he didn’t like.