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I have to correct the record here. Noel Gallagher was a fan of Nirvana and Kurt’s music. Noel has referred to him as someone he admires. I’m not quoting directly but that’s the gist of it. The song “Live Forever” was written partially based on Noel’s reaction to hearing the song “I Hate Myself and I Want to Die,” which is a Nirvana b-side (It also should be mentioned that song was titled sarcastically as a joke). I don’t think he would’ve been listening to obscure b-sides of bands he didn’t like.

You’re probably going to want to sit down for this.

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Being able to name check a group anyone with an Internet connection and a superiority complex can cite makes you a total hip hop head.

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The chorus melody reminds me of the outro from “Walk On.” “There is no them. only us” is a nice lyric, to me, but I’m ones of those damn hippies.

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If I had to spend me entire career playing mid-day sets at festivals and under bright spotlights inside cramped rooms, all while wearing a black suit and tie I would want a hiatus.

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I think some people equate the Rattle and Hum album with the movie, which is unfortunate. Angel of Harlem and All I Want Is You are glorious, beautiful songs. Come to think of it the latter might be the best love song they’ve ever written. Flip No Line and Atomic Bomb.

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I found another typo; The Replacements should be spelled “Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson.”

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Only one of the people you’re talking about has auditory schizophrenia and wrote “God Only Know.”