0Posted on Dec 8th, 2014 | re: Win Daft Punk's Alive Vinyl Box Set (612 comments)

Absolutely the Touch It/Technologic track on Alive 2007 album.

 0Posted on Jun 21st, 2012 | re: Win A Yamaha Acoustic Guitar & Graceland Collector's Edition Box Set (176 comments)

Couldn’t be anything other than “You Can Call Me Al”

Liking the Black Lips shirt.

 0Posted on Apr 4th, 2012 | re: Win A $400 Logitech UE Air Speaker (352 comments)

Kraftwerk – Pocket Calculator

 0Posted on Dec 7th, 2011 | re: Win T-Shirts From Insound's Delicious Design League Project (82 comments)

I really enjoyed the Walkmen’s latest album. So, the Walkmen it is!

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 0Posted on Nov 8th, 2011 | re: Win Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here Immersion Box Set (184 comments)

Shine on You Crazy Diamond is amazing, but I’ve got to hand it to the title track, Wish You Were Here for the best song on the album.

 0Posted on Oct 28th, 2011 | re: Win Beach Boys' The Smile Sessions Box Set (304 comments)

How could it be anything other than Pet Sounds? It’s as close to perfection as the Beach Boys will get.

 0Posted on Oct 14th, 2011 | re: Win A Remastered Beatles Catalog (349 comments)

I’ve always been a big fan of Rubber Soul.

 0Posted on Oct 13th, 2011 | re: Win A $600 Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless Speaker Dock (257 comments)

Lou Reed’s New York.