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That’s not him. And I’ll save anyone reading this the time of looking it up on Wikipedia. Wikipedia says it IS him, but Wikipedia is wrong too.

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Nailed it.

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Honestly, Goblin was the best album of the year. I bet if you listened to it enough, I could justify my position. Stereogum should let me write an entry for their “Double Take” series. How do I contact Brandon Stosuy? Thumbs up or thumbs down this into the best and worst

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Goblin was my album of the year too

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as in held back

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you’re both retarded.

he made an accurate assessment. and to remove the most popular (and negative) connotation with the word “retarded,” he added “held back” to clarify what he was saying. and he’s right, there is no other word for it. therefore, he isn’t struggling with vocabulary. if you didn’t follow him, then you too are retarded.

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SUNDAY, I’m pretty pumped to see dr dre, at the drive in, an beirut, BUT THEN WHAT? Any suggestion? Nothing looks good on sunday.

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I don’t buy any of this. Since when did twitter become such a reliable source for every internet music website to rely on? And just because every other internet music website posts that some other music website reported this… come on people. We have no reliable source here. Something is wrong in the news! Who’s with me?

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The White Album