+1Posted on Aug 29th, 2012 | re: LA Weekly's 20 Worst Hipster Bands (246 comments)

Hipsters live their lives taking advice from LA WEEKLY articles. Its a vicious cycle.

 0Posted on Jan 11th, 2012 | re: Ryan Adams Covers Ratt Acoustic (3 comments)

Ratt did it first Paul is a wank

 -1Posted on Oct 1st, 2011 | re: Lou Reed & Metallica - "The View" (43 comments)

worst combo in rock history

 0Posted on Jul 10th, 2011 | re: Hear Ryan Adams' New Alice In Chains Cover, Mandy Moore Collab (16 comments)

Yep. great topic. Hell, why don’t we take you kids back and say he is Buddy Holly or hell, let’s go with Malcolm X (usually browline), or Spike Lee, or Elvis Costello, or just for the hell of it we will go with Garth from Wayne’s World? No he isn’t the first to wear them, but he’s a hell of a lot more interesting and brilliant to have a topic such as this sh*t about wearing glasses.