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it would be confusing, except everytime i type “pink floyd” into a search on youtube, “comfortably numb” comes up, AND THERE HE IS, playing it at live aid with them in 2008.

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i should point out….i do not advocate the back (or front) handing of women, and don’t infer that they all might like it, he was obviously in control of the situation, and she was a fan, and just a “happy” slap.

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I saw these guys warm up for Lower in may, one of their first gigs and based on this, they’ve come a long way in a brilliant direction. They absolutely cleared the room – but in the best way possible, because all the punters that were there (it was a small festival in Aarhus) were expecting the new “hip punk band” – which judging by their reactions – they thought would sound like Green Day or Rancid, or whatever they thought “punk” sounded like. it allowed a bunch of nice kids to come up front and see these guys and lower. from then on it was fantastic. Iceage played too in case you were wondering, it was a very agressive show, Elias slapped a girl. she loved it though.

i’m just happy at the possibility of a collab between WOD and Koz. I also like beer commercial guitar and Born in the USA era Bruce.

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Benji was on vinyl – apparently it was a botched up printing though with an off center label and i guess caldo verde never bothered to re-print. I really hope 4ad represses the red house painters albums though..i’d like to “not listen” to those on vinyl.

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all of his releases are getting more and more fantastic. can’t help to wonder though if he’s totally made up though..reguardless…i’m listening.

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cassette store day is saturday.

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say what you will, but when i was 14 i bought this album purely based on how frggin’ hot she was in the “supernova” video. the album was pretty good too, but i think Sam Goody in the mall won on this deal.

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i would like to see a cocteau twins cover band. hell, i’d see a red house painters cover band.