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 +1Posted on Apr 20th | re: Sunny Day Real Estate - "Lipton Witch" (6 comments)


 +1Posted on Apr 20th | re: Sunny Day Real Estate - "Lipton Witch" (6 comments)

I’m guessing the backline learned a few tricks from their time as Foo Fighters. still better than anything the Foos could come up with. ace.

 +1Posted on Apr 14th | re: Van Morrison Albums From Worst To Best (45 comments)

well…Veedon Fleece and Wavelength are my 2 favorites. just thought i’d weigh in. I’m weird, and tired.

 +2Posted on Apr 12th | re: Watch OutKast Reunite At Coachella (27 comments)

god the sound is appalling.

they really like Toblerone?

literally the newest band in there was mumfords. we all wanna hear that crystal clear don’t we?

also – aren’t all these people old musicians and therefore: kinda deaf?

can’t wait til VLC can play PONO!

 +7Posted on Mar 10th | re: Neil Young Launches PonoMusic (7 comments)

y’know, i love Neil young’s music, but i already have all his cd’s, most of his albums on vinyl and FLAC files on my computer (not to mention about 6 gb of mp3s that i ACTUALLY listen to on my iphone) so i think i’m set. I even read his autobiography, which seemed to refer to this format every 5th page, as well as “Lincvolt” – another project that i’m not sure will ever see the light of day in a wide market. until i actually see one or until POMO ends up flooding the .torrent sights, it’s just a Zune in the shape of a Toblerone!