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 -15Posted on Oct 12th | re: David Bowie - "Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)" (8 comments)

he still thinks he’s Scott Walker

 -6Posted on Oct 9th | re: Pink Floyd - "Louder Than Words" (68 comments)

endless river of stank.

 +10Posted on Oct 9th | re: Lorde Approves Of "Weird And Cool" South Park Episodes About Her (10 comments)

I think she should sing “I am Lorde” in all of her songs.

there is no such thing as a “perfect pussy”.

 0Posted on Oct 8th | re: The Juliana Hatfield Three Crowdfunding Reunion Album (2 comments)

This is very good news. Hey though – what happened to the Ryan Adams Lemonheads album with her on bass though? Wouldn’t the logical step be: Lemonheads – Juliana Hatfield 3 – My So Called Life…

 -1Posted on Oct 7th | re: Sun Kil Moon - "War On Drugs: Suck My Cock" (147 comments)

there are sit loads of red necks in chapel hill.

yup. and that was before the whole harvest debacle. if he is truly label-less currently, now is the best time. looks like he succeeded in getting his hands washed of the last major label left he could sign with.

 0Posted on Oct 6th | re: Mark Kozelek, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down (120 comments)

he’s daring us to love him.

So fuck them all and start a Kickstarter campaign to release your own shit and be done with it steven.

 +1Posted on Oct 6th | re: Mark Kozelek, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down (120 comments)

I’ve been to many of kozelek’s shows, and it’s been the same old routine, playing mostly new songs and bitching atthe audience…then he’ll come out with a song about it the next time around. the only difference between 4 years ago and today is that he’s touring with a band and in support of a pretty decent album and more people are turning up to the venues…thus finally getting to terms with the usual kozelek show. nobody seemed to notice when he was solo and playing in cafes a few years back, chugging his way through “Katy Song” and some of the hits. i draw the Morrissey comparison very heavily…Morrissey has always been saying inciniery shit in public, it’s just more and more people are listening. the “Morrissey’s secrets to the music business” article is in a tab, ready to be read right after this. he is a master of the non-spin on negative PR.

for the record, this is a well written and passionate article. also for the record, i like WOD, and dig Benji too. i find this last few months of being a kozelek fan – very fascinating yet confusing, but here i am…trolling on yet another sterogum piece on him.