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First thing I thought of when I saw the commercial. I think you’re giving mega-corporations too much credit if you think this isn’t an intentional rip-off.

 +2Posted on Apr 4th | re: The 10 Best Nirvana Songs (163 comments)

I agree with a previous commenter about In Utero being underrepresented. Dumb and Pennyroyal Tea would be on my list. As far as Teen Spirit, it’s hard sometimes to separate the over-saturation of a song from its actual content, but I genuinely do not love that song as much as their others. There’s also a good list of songs I cannot listen to without immediately thinking of Weird Al. Thanks, Weird Al.

 0Posted on Mar 21st | re: Justin Timberlake - "Not A Bad Thing" Video (9 comments)


 0Posted on Mar 14th | re: Tyler, The Creator Almost Started A Riot At SXSW (13 comments)

Liking someone beats doesn’t mean you agree with their antics.

 +2Posted on Mar 13th | re: The Week In Pop: It's Time We All Agreed That Coldplay Is Great (181 comments)

Coldplay is great. #IAMSORRY

 +1Posted on Feb 21st | re: Lily Allen Titles New Album Sheezus (23 comments)

Lily Allen wins life.

 +2Posted on Feb 14th | re: Pitchfork Festival 2014 Lineup (25 comments)

Yea, not much of the new stuff personally does it for me and that includes old bands I loved that have continued making music. There’s always something that’s missing or leans in a direction that turns me off.

 +3Posted on Feb 14th | re: Pitchfork Festival 2014 Lineup (25 comments)

It’s interesting, because one of the bands (I think it was Into It Over It but don’t quote me on that) posted something on their FB page a while back that basically said “F*ck Pitchfork.” I wonder if they will have trouble getting new “emo” bands on board. I feel like an older reunited band would be more likely.

 0Posted on Feb 10th | re: Klaxons - "Children Of The Sun" (2 comments)

World’s better than the last one.

 +3Posted on Jan 31st | re: Dookie Turns 20 (57 comments)

This was one of the very first albums that I actually bought for myself after I got a CD player. I was only 11 at the time and my mom (who worked in SoHo) would take me to Disc-o-Rama whenever I went to work with her. I always looked forward to taking that trip on her lunch break and picking something out. I also remember Vitalogy, the Blue Album, Pisces Iscariot, and Smash being in my first stack of albums at that time. It’s interesting because I see other people saying this made them cool. I was definitely NOT a cool kid in school (I grew up in Ozone Park/Howard Beach, which was more Jersey Shore type culture), but there was a totally different crowd at my summer camp where I always felt a lot more comfortable wearing Airwalks and being alternative (LOL Airwalks). Green Day was such a huge huge HUGE part of that, probably for everyone in our age bracket.

Damn. All of the 20 year old throw-back posts in the next few years are really going to be a f*cking trip.