0Posted on Feb 6th, 2013 | re: Passion Pit - "Carried Away (Tiësto Remix)" Video (2 comments)

love Passion Pit and their album and this remix is a great version of an already amazing song. can’t wait to see them in nyc on the 8th- gonna be a rad show.

 0Posted on Jul 15th, 2012 | re: Band Of Horses - "Knock Knock" (6 comments)

“Knock Knock” is so good- the rest of the new album will be this good too! Can’t wait for 9/18!

 0Posted on Jul 15th, 2012 | re: Preview Band Of Horses' "Dumpster World" (12 comments)

Excited for the new Band of Horses album 9/18. Check out the first video “Knock Knock”:

 0Posted on Jul 15th, 2012 | re: Passion Pit - "Constant Conversations" (7 comments)

Seriously loving the new Passion Pit track “Constant Conversations”. so soulful! check it out: Can’t wait for the album on the 24th!

 0Posted on Jun 22nd, 2012 | re: Watch Passion Pit Play The 2012 Webby Awards (3 comments)

Really excited to finally hear new Passion Pit. Been loving the video for “Take a Walk” and the new song, “I”ll Be Alright”. Should be really good.

 0Posted on Jun 17th, 2012 | re: Stream Fiona Apple The Idler Wheel... (12 comments)

Really excited for the new Fiona album on the 19th. Just preordered it on itunes and I can’t wait to hear more of her new material. Been a fan since “Tidal” and the new songs sound like a welcome return!

 0Posted on May 26th, 2012 | re: Tenacious D - "Rize Of The Fenix" Video, Album Stream (4 comments)

Tenacious D are so awesome! Really liking the new album and the “low hanging fruit” video. Check it out:

 0Posted on May 6th, 2012 | re: John Mayer Covers Lana Del Rey (47 comments)

“Shadow Days” is the best John Mayer song I’ve heard in a while. Can’t wait to hear the rest of Born and Raised on the 22nd. Check out the video:

 0Posted on May 6th, 2012 | re: Fiona Apple - "Every Single Night" (21 comments)

Really excited for the new Fiona album in June. If “every single night” is an indicator of what the album’s going to be like, it’s going to be amazing. Check it out:

this song is pretty awesome. can’t wait for the new willie album to come out on 5/15- I like that he’s doing a bunch of duets with newer artists too. I’ve been a fan for a long time! Check out his website for more info on the other artists on the album.