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 0Posted on Jul 22nd | re: Hear Two Songs From The Raveonettes' Surprise Album Pe’ahi (6 comments)

Mmmm, has kind of a Lust Lust Lust vibe to it.

 +2Posted on Jul 18th | re: Courtney Barnett - "Pickles From The Jar" (2 comments)

I can’t believe I let this chick’s music slide through the cracks

 +3Posted on Jul 2nd | re: The 10 Best Gorillaz Songs (73 comments)

I might throw On Melancholy Hill up a little higher but we’ll just agree that every Gorillaz song is good and call it a day.

 +3Posted on Jun 12th | re: Weezer Announce New Album Everything Will Be Alright In The End (27 comments)

That little clip sounds at worst kind of fun, not the forced-to-take-our-little-sister-to-the-park fun, but like “hey man, let’s throw a refrigerator into this running body of water” fun.

I hope he continues to make music or something to that capacity forever.

 +4Posted on May 6th | re: Savages - "Fuckers" Video (7 comments)

This felt like it was gonna fall apart any second, which of course is awesome

 0Posted on Mar 26th | re: Stream Split Single Fragmented World (1 comments)

Well this is pleasantly awesome

 0Posted on Mar 15th | re: Watch Wye Oak Play New Song "Before" At SXSW (2 comments)

No joke, and this was live too.

 +7Posted on Mar 10th | re: Watch A Teaser For Spoon's New Album (27 comments)

They just couldn’t stand not conquering this decade too.

 0Posted on Mar 3rd | re: Coldplay - "Magic" (39 comments)

Idk, the album only has 9 songs and the first 2 are both over 4:30. I’d say there’s some hope.