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 0Posted on Mar 26th | re: Stream Split Single Fragmented World (1 comments)

Well this is pleasantly awesome

 0Posted on Mar 15th | re: Watch Wye Oak Play New Song "Before" At SXSW (2 comments)

No joke, and this was live too.

 +7Posted on Mar 10th | re: Watch A Teaser For Spoon's New Album (27 comments)

They just couldn’t stand not conquering this decade too.

 0Posted on Mar 3rd | re: Coldplay - "Magic" (39 comments)

Idk, the album only has 9 songs and the first 2 are both over 4:30. I’d say there’s some hope.

 +5Posted on Feb 18th | re: Watch Weezer Debut "Back To The Shack" On The Weezer Cruise (18 comments)

It doesn’t sound terrible but yeah it definitely still sounds like a modern day weezer

Yeah, that’s it…

 +3Posted on Feb 6th | re: The 10 Best Beta Band Songs (32 comments)

It’s kind of odd to see a song like she’s the one being at the top of something. It’s really cool though

 0Posted on Jan 14th | re: The 10 Best Killers Songs (92 comments)

The killers aren’t really a “make a list” type of band for me; all of their songs that are good are really fucking good and pretty much interchangeable. Of course listening their bad songs is the equivalent of staring at my apartment’s depressingly white walls. Stellar list though

 +1Posted on Oct 1st, 2013 | re: Watch Josh Homme Audition For Star Wars: Episode VII (2 comments)

This was genuinely hilarious.

 0Posted on Sep 25th, 2013 | re: Q&A: Frankie Rose On Her Excellent New Album Herein Wild (1 comments)

This record hits so many good spots. Thanks for this