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I must say love or hate or even ignore him Kanye is really pushing rap as far as the beats go…He may in short be making Rap futuristic adding other sounds and not just depending heavily on the same play out funk beats. He is sort of like Hip Hop meets say Depeche Mode and The Dust Brothers all roll into one.

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Not very impressed sounds like a knock off to say DJ Quick or even a not so funny To Live Crew. Big ain’t Shaft baby!

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Can Radiohead do No wrong? No they can’t the development of this band the progression of their talent. Been a fan since I was snot nose pimple face teen and Pablo Honey.
I have said in the past that Radiohead will in the long run be compare to only one other band and that is the Beatles for their amazing core of music and the growth of the collective talent.
Radiohead is the New Beatles you can argue the many reasons this statement may seem overly stated but it can not be denied that no other existing band has developed with such great consistancy and has had a Global impact in the same manner.

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Thom Yorke is Jesus!!! Radiohead is heaven…..