0Posted on Nov 19th, 2011 | re: Win A $200 Deftones Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set (1275 comments)

It’s a tie between Around The Fur and White Pony.

 0Posted on Jul 20th, 2011 | re: Escape To New York Ticket Giveaway (157 comments)

“Bruises” by Chairlifts

 0Posted on Jan 15th, 2011 | re: The 20 Most Overlooked LPs Of 2010 (145 comments)

Pickin’ Up The Pieces by Fitz And The Tantrums. Great album with lots of soul!

 0Posted on Nov 21st, 2010 | re: Win A $400 Matt And Kim/Burton Prize Pack (297 comments)

I would choose “Daylight”. Their album is Grand is one of my favorite albums and “Daylight” is the first track that kicks it off!

 0Posted on Nov 20th, 2010 | re: Win Signed 30 Rock Stuff, Hear Two New Songs From The Soundtrack (218 comments)

Hands down. Jack Donaghy.

…because he’s simply badass!

 0Posted on Nov 7th, 2010 | re: Win A $300 Apple Records Box Set (252 comments)

My dad listened to James Taylor while I was growing up. He’s definitely my favorite.

 0Posted on Oct 11th, 2010 | re: Win John Lennon's Signature Box (298 comments)

My favorite John Lennon song is also my dad’s favorite: “Mother”. Amazing song!

 0Posted on Sep 22nd, 2010 | re: Win David Bowie's Station To Station Deluxe Box (325 comments)

Hands down, my favorite song by David Bowie…

“Rock ‘n Roll Suicide”