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It’s like Muse think they have done a Kid A. When, they have in fact done a; are you Kid ING!!

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I don’t know what worse. The fact that KOL ‘copped’ such a shit design. Or that No Age had the awful design in the first place – and then decided to claim that KOL made something vaguely familiar?!

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It’s not massively different as a whole. Essentially its a lip-synced show, shot with three to five different cameras, choreographed before hand, and recorded live.

It’s a great concept and a wonderful example of drawing attention to their new album virally. Hopefully people will notice this and become fans of Death Cab because they are a damn good band.

It’s strange to think that it’s not been done before…

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This stinks of the English Film industry. Good, a little tweedie and with no spice.

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Soon He’s rocking the fuck out of him hair Ireland!

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I call bullshit. While listening to this all I could hear was:

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This has just reminded me how goo the 80′s was!

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Further evidence that NME use their influence in youth culture to praise drug-use. Naughty, naughty.

Not only that, it’s a shit list! Douchebags!