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 0Posted on Sep 5th | re: Watch Alt-J Play "Left Hand Free" On Letterman (9 comments)

When I saw them at Terminal 5, the energy was through the roof. I agree the band didn’t put out that much of an energetic vibe, but the crowd picked it up in a big way. That’s definitely what’s missing in a video like this.

Everything she does is perfect.

 +1Posted on Aug 28th | re: Watch Bob Mould Absolutely Kick Ass On Kimmel (4 comments)

Bob Mould is a national treasure.

 -1Posted on Aug 27th | re: NYC's Last Kim's Video & Music Closes Up Shop (3 comments)


This, a million times. He is such a big part of why their music is so compelling to me.

 0Posted on Jun 20th | re: Watch The Both Play Conan (2 comments)

I work in 30 Rockefeller Plaza, home to various NBC studios. Due to that, and a long career in journalism, I’ve become fairly jaded about celebrity encounters over the years. Passing Aimee Mann in the hallway, however, was enough to render me all aflutter. She’s amazing.

Ted’s not bad, either.

 0Posted on Jun 19th | re: The 10 Best Tori Amos Songs (80 comments)

The bridge of “Silent All These Years” is the best Tori Amos song on its own, let alone in combination with the rest of the tune.

 +1Posted on Jun 9th | re: The 10 Best Sets At Governors Ball 2014 (31 comments)

I was honestly kind of underwhelmed with Outkast. Don’t get me wrong, it was good to hear some of those songs played live, but the energy of the performance as a whole…I dunno. It felt very much like a go-through-the-paces kind of thing, for me. They hit all the marks and seemed to be having a good time, but it didn’t feel inspiring in the least.

I completely disagree, too, on TVOTR. That was honestly the best set at the fest, IMO, and their new material kicked ass.

Also a great performance not mentioned here: Jenny Lewis. She did a bang-up job with a tough mid-day time slot on a hot afternoon.

But I do agree about Janelle Monae. She rocked it, and even the heat didn’t diminish the power of the performance, for me.

And, finally, if you didn’t try a lobster roll from the Luke’s Lobster truck, you missed out, big-time. $16 is pretty steep for a small sandwich, but damn, that thing was the truth.

Cool, but I would not have missed TV on the Radio for this. Best set of the fest, in my opinion.

I love SVE’s music and some day, she and I will marry. YES WE WILL SHUT UP.