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I've been on the anti-trusting-fart train for a while, but this will really help my campaign. Sandwich board and bell, here I come!
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The real questions is - do they have lemon aid stands in Kenya?
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August 29, 2012 on President Obama Has Never Even Run A Lemonade Stand?!
The most important question is - why rhyme the name your fast food chain with gay? Me thinks the chicken doth protest too much.
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August 2, 2012 on Oh, Actually, Boycott Chick-Fil-A
Irritation escalating to rage and then wanting to kill the stupid little jerk, but failing? Sounds like every woman comedian on America's Next Top Comic.
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May 23, 2012 on The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: B-Hole At The Zoo
Let's hope Romney picks him for Veep. The Cabinet could be picked Celebrity Apprentice-style. We could have Whitney as head of the Department of Energy!
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May 22, 2012 on Donald Trump Congratulates Will Smith
Drunks have to watch teevee in the afternoon, too!
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May 22, 2012 on BNPG: Talk Show Sequels
I was just looking this up when I thought, "I'll be too late - I should go check."
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May 16, 2012 on Man Stands Alone In Fight Against “All You Can Eat” LIES!!
Too late for these two....
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May 14, 2012 on Community Is Moving To Friday Nights
That alien looks weird. And the Predator can do better.
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May 9, 2012 on Our Long, Intergalactic Nightmare Is Finally Over
I can't be the only one who sees this every time I see Goyte...
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May 9, 2012 on John Travolta Continues To Rest His Case
I literally said "It's the dude from The Wire, and he is HOT" to all my friends. And by friends, I mean dog and cat.
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May 4, 2012 on Thursday Night TV Open Thread
It seems like no one has done this justice and I would LOVE to be in Monster's Ball! Right?
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April 17, 2012 on The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Sad Robert Downey Jr. I think this mister used it up.
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January 5, 2012 on Gwyneth Paltrow Literally Selling Snake Oil Now
I've seen that concept in Final Destination 5: "That's Been Done to Death"
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January 5, 2012 on Updating Carrie For The Modern Viewer
The latest leaked Republican talking points say to respond to a 99 percenter by saying "I get it." Instead of pepper spraying them in the face.
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December 5, 2011 on FOX News Finally Takes On The “Communist” Muppets
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November 21, 2011 on New Arrested Development Episodes Will Stream FOR REAL On Nexflix! It has to end in .jpg.
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November 21, 2011 on “Flour Disaster” Or “Flour Greatest Thing Ever”?