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Also, Steven Drozd*

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Man i think this song is a blast! Also this song is what I was hoping this project would be.

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Chromeo – Jealous (I Ain’t With It)

Actually dug the Beatles cover. Think I saw Steve Drozd there too.

I think everyone, kliph, wayne and internet commentors included need to take a deep breath.

Well, remember, The Flaming Lips is not just Wayne Coyne. Steven Drozd really brings much of the music, and along with Dave Fridmann’s ground-breaking productions, you can’t throw them aside just because of this squabbling.

That said, Wayne’s dealing with this headdress nonsense is no good.

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this first track is killer, very floyd

This is going a little overboard. None of us know exactly why, Kliph was fired. Sure this could have been the last straw, but as with any 10+ year relationship, many things go into its demise.

And don’t forget, Steven is as much the genius behind the lips as Wayne is.

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I second this man (or women?) one of the best of 2013, no question.

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Cool to see the list, but for me Impregnable Question, Rise Above and Temecula Sunrise should be in there.