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I second this man (or women?) one of the best of 2013, no question.

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Cool to see the list, but for me Impregnable Question, Rise Above and Temecula Sunrise should be in there.

A few years back mtv/Springsteen addressed this.

“The Super Bowl performances are all on tape….There is no way you can set up a full band in five minutes with microphones, get all the settings right, and expect to get quality sound,” Neuberger said. “The Super Bowl has been doing that for years with virtually all the bands.”

In reference to Yo-Yo Ma;

“There were too many variables keeping the instruments in tune while playing outside in cold weather,” he said. “You can’t control the environment, so the smart decision is to record the performance and play along with it.”

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Glad to see some agreement, on the lazy (although understandable) Talking Heads associations. She started doing brass powered grooves on ‘Actor’. Take a listen to ‘Marrow’.

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Rx Bandits, Lykke Li, S Vincent, and damn didnt know there were ones coming but Amber Coffman and Wilco too.

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Wow dude, why are you taking this so seriously?

Look they arent going to turn away anyone. They are merely suggesting everyone dress up to help heighten the experience of everyone attending.

You know when you attend a football game, and everyone has the colors of the team on? Everyone feels apart of it, connected, a sense of we’re all in this together. Thats what theyre going for.

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Like many others here, my favorite is Satanic Panic, although when you go through it theyve really had a great run.

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For my money, best rock and roll band going right now.

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Why is Haim the exception?

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Sure you have Chvrches recent buzz/success, but what about the far greater successes of The National (and comparable bands) playing Barclays Center, fun. & mumford storming top 40 with guitars, Young The Giant, alt-j etc selling hundreds of thousands of records/getting radio play. They might not be as dominant as they were, but they certainly arent going any where. It will always employ the same emotion/sonic value and when people want that theyll use it/seek it out.