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Aaron Paul's in for a rude surprise when he logs onto videogum today.
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December 20, 2012 on A Friendly Chat With Gabe And Kelly: Videogum’s “Person Of The Year”
Meanwhile, on Frasier: Frasier starts a wildly successful psychiatry podcast.
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December 11, 2012 on Best New Party Game: @SeinfeldToday
Nope. No thanks. No way. Nope nope nope
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December 5, 2012 on Coffin Therapy Sounds About Right
Brian De Palma is just glad he wore his coat before seeing Gallagher perform.
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October 23, 2012 on The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Happy Carrie
The guy who got hit should have SLASHed her tires. Huh? Huh?
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September 20, 2012 on Slash Finally Breaks His Legendary Silence About Lindsay Lohan
(While all the other commenters above are arguing): "Yo, let's give Kelly a chance to give away these Blu-Rays, alright? She good at this stuff" *mimes putting Blu-Ray discs in an envelope adorably* The other commenters stare at me dumbfounded but ultimately agree that it's a good plan. CUT TO: Interior of my house, empty except for a state-of-the-art home entertainment set-up. A couple of my Blu-Ray addicted buddies are over: "Yeah, this 52" LED TV has really crisp picture, and the clarity of the colors and blacks is the best in the market right now, so.." trailing off, distracted by how empty my life has become.
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July 21, 2012 on Friday Giveaway: Breaking Bad Season 4 On Blu-Ray And A Poster!
Gerard Buttler. Am I doing this right?
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June 4, 2012 on That’s Your Butt Tattoo: Daniel Tosh Face Butt Tattoo
Can't wait until next year! 2 to 1 odds on "Battleship" winning for Best Wasted Use of Tim Riggins (against John Carter). Also, Best Pop Singer in the Marines will go to Rihanna. "Battleship! Battleship!" - Al Pacino, Dog Day Battleship.
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June 4, 2012 on The 2012 MTV Movie Awards
This kid and the "Livin For The City" guy (you all know the one) should duet together! #goodideas
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June 1, 2012 on “Ain’t No Homos Gonna Make It To Heaven”
if it helps, his Facebook page was created on April 1st.
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June 1, 2012 on Krispy Kreme – “Best Friends”
I am also immensely proud that this was the first post to inspire me to comment.
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June 1, 2012 on Krispy Kreme – “Best Friends”
Hi Videogum! First time long time etc.! What was your favorite part of this video? Mine obviously was when "Best Friends" is on screen at the same time as the gun is on the back of Money Maker Mike's head.
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June 1, 2012 on Krispy Kreme – “Best Friends”
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February 3, 2012 on All Of God’s Terrible Singing Creatures
Hi! First time commenter long time non-commenter. Here is a relevant video maybe.
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February 3, 2012 on All Of God’s Terrible Singing Creatures