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 0Posted on Dec 16th | re: Modest Mouse - "Lampshades On Fire" (42 comments)

Prediction: I’m gonna file this album alongside albums like Uncanney Valley and Sweet Heart Sweet Light; albums that have the essence of what makes great bands great, but the immediacy and stakes are gone so there is not quite as much heart in it.

 +1Posted on Dec 16th | re: Modest Mouse - "Lampshades On Fire" (42 comments)

I call Modest Mouse one of my favorite bands. And this isn’t a bad song. But it does nothing to excite me as a Modest Mouse fan. The verses sound pretty cool, not a big fan of the “ba ba ba’s,” but its still better than anything the Black Keys or anyone like that is doing. But in the back of my head I was really hoping for something awesome not just serviceable.

 0Posted on Dec 14th | re: Smith Westerns Announce Indefinite Hiatus (7 comments)

Not surprised. Saw them once and they had some sort of petty argument onstage and stormed off stage. Was turned off ever since.

 0Posted on Jul 24th | re: Chance The Rapper Teases New Music In Video (3 comments)

Video says August 3, not August 8.

 +1Posted on Jun 18th | re: The 50 Best Albums Of 2014 So Far (253 comments)

Love Manchester Orchestra. Have for years. But Cope was easily their weakest record ever IMO.

 +3Posted on Jun 17th | re: The 50 Best Albums Of 2014 So Far (253 comments)

Salad Days and Word OK have been the only albums I have consistently returned to this year. I figured at least Mac would make the cut.

I definitely wouldn’t fuck with Bronsolino.

 0Posted on Jan 22nd | re: Black Lips - "Boys In The Wood" Video (2 comments)

Gotta admit this song has already grown on me. I just hope there are harder more energetic songs on the album as well. I’m really hoping for the best, and this is a good song. Pretty great video too.

 0Posted on Dec 21st, 2013 | re: Titus Andronicus Frontman Patrick Stickles Is Washed Up, And He Knows It (20 comments)

Yeah. Remember when he reviewed Why?’s Mumps, Etc.? He spent 1/3 of the the review complaining about Yoni’s voice, which has always been polarizing, and Pitchfork has praised plenty in the past. 1/3 of the review actually praised Why? and their very unique sound and style. But then the other third was pretty much him just saying the album is unlistenable with really no reasoning to back it up. He called “Paper Hearts” the most unpleasant song of 2012 and flat out said no person could possibly enjoy it. It got a 2.8. Now I’m not saying Mumps Etc. is some fantastic album (although I like it a whole lot), but it’s just one really lame and honestly dickish example of these “ridiculous bullish cutdowns disguised as reviews.”

 0Posted on Dec 19th, 2013 | re: Titus Andronicus Frontman Patrick Stickles Is Washed Up, And He Knows It (20 comments)

From my short interactions with Patrick, it seems like he has a thousand thoughts and a thousand opinions on every topic, and depending on his mood, he will either try to share these thoughts and connect with people, or kind of just shut people out. When he starts talking with visible and audible conviction, everyone within earshot should listen carefully. Even if you don’t agree with him, what he has to say will probably at least be meaningful and thought provoking.

I think that Titus Andronicus has moved far beyond buzzband. There were people that just heard The Monitor in 2010 and forgot about them. But for them to have such an amazing and underrated gem in The Airing of Grievances, a landmark rock masterpiece, and a great third album that cements their sound and style with plenty of memorable songs proves they have staying power and something worth continuing with.