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 0Posted on Dec 8th, 2014 | re: Win Stereogum's 10 Best Albums Of 2014 On Vinyl Courtesy Of Insound (2398 comments)

Mac Demarco – Salad Days

 0Posted on Apr 22nd, 2014 | re: Win An Oasis Definitely Maybe Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set (952 comments)

D’You Know What I Mean?

 +4Posted on Feb 26th, 2014 | re: My Morning Jacket - "Farewell Transmission" (Songs: Ohia Cover) (9 comments)

This really really sucks.

 -2Posted on Jan 9th, 2014 | re: Coachella 2014 Lineup (105 comments)


 +1Posted on Jan 9th, 2014 | re: Coachella 2014 Lineup (105 comments)

Ever heard of Primavera Sound? Better lineups with less douche bags!

 +2Posted on Jul 18th, 2013 | re: Backtrack: WU LYF Go Tell Fire To The Mountain (28 comments)

This guy gets it.

 0Posted on Jul 16th, 2013 | re: Call 252-64-DPLAN To Hear New Dismemberment Plan Song "Waiting" (7 comments)

Love the D-Plan, but this song blows. Sounds like a shit Geggy Tah. Hope the other stuff is a bit better.

 0Posted on Apr 16th, 2013 | re: Outside Lands 2013 Lineup (5 comments)

This isn’t doing much for me.

 -5Posted on Dec 22nd, 2012 | re: Stereogum's Top 40 Rap Albums Of 2012 (98 comments)

No Danny Brown??

 0Posted on Nov 26th, 2012 | re: WU LYF Break Up (8 comments)