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 +7Posted on Oct 21st | re: Watch El-P Audition Cats For Meow The Jewels (16 comments)

This is seriously one of the best things that happened to music this year. I wish more musicians were like El-P.

Very arguably. Minor Threat and Dead Kennedys are years ahead

 +6Posted on Oct 16th | re: Foo Fighters - "Something From Nothing" (55 comments)

Kinda bummed by this. I was expecting something a lot better than this after reading it was recorded at Electric Audio, but this doesn’t sound at all like anything Albini would produce. Kinda weird he agreed to do this.
Anyhow, this is not a very good song, not to speak about a first single.

 0Posted on Oct 16th | re: Foo Fighters - "Something From Nothing" (55 comments)

Shit man, I was trying to figure out what song this sounded like. You’re 100% correct on this

 +3Posted on Oct 16th | re: Meow The Jewels Is Happening (49 comments)

I’ve heard Whis Kerlifa is also featured

 +1Posted on Oct 16th | re: Meow The Jewels Is Happening (49 comments)

Quote Twitter page bio – “Official Twitter Page For The Meow The Jewels Kickstarter.. The money made by RTJ will be donated to the families of Eric Garner and Mike Brown. Contact: MTJisM”.

So yeah, that’s a donation

Well it does say “Directed by Edgar Wright” in the video so it’s pretty much a given

Well I’m after more than a few listens and I’m so glad to say that THIS ALBUM RULES. It’s so great, it’s exactly what I wanted from Weezer at this point. This doesn’t suck at all, I’m seriously loving it, every single song is great IMO (not even getting that hate on Back to the Shack, it’s definitely the worst track here but it’s real fun to my ears).
I think it’s really awesome how the Weez are finally back to actually rocking out – I mean, actual guitar solos, twin guitars, what have you. Even the good stuff they’ve released since Maladroit weren’t rocking songs, they were just fun songs with great melodies and hooks. But what I loved most about Blue was that even though it was very pop, the songs were BANGING. so I’m really glad Rivers is (probably) back to headbanging.

Also I would like to say that the Futurescope trilogy thingy is absolutely incredible. Didn’t believe they could pull that one off, but it works so well, and it’s really banging. super fun while driving also.


Trainwrecks and Unspoken are both pretty killer. That transition from the acoustic part to the banging guitars at the end of Unspoken gets me everytime. Brave New World and Time Flies are also pretty darn great and everything else is also really good or at least above the average shit they had on Red (don’t even get me started on Raditude). the only real duds on that album was Smart Girls, which is a terrible song (Where’s My Sex also, but it’s kinda better if you don’t pay attention to the lyrics).

It also had All My Friends Are Insects as a bonus track which is easily one of Weezer’s best post-Pinkerton songs. Not even joking.

you mean like this?

because this is one of my favorite album covers, ever.