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 0Posted on Apr 8th | re: Smash Turns 20 (27 comments)

I was in grade 6 when this came out (scary). The “Stupid dumbshit goddamn motherfucker!” bit from “Bad Habit” used to drive my friends and I absolutely bonkers. Definitely an early cathartic musical experience, the thrill of which I now realize I’ve been chasing ever since. Of the Big Three albums that turned me onto rock music (Nevermind, Dookie and this), that middle section of Bad Habit turned me into a rabid music fan.

Also, I’, having flashes of listening to “What Happened to You?” while playing devil sticks in bicycle shorts. Ah, childhood.

 +5Posted on Feb 6th | re: Jonny Greenwood Scoring Inherent Vice (3 comments)

I was already beyond elated about this film – PT Anderson? Back with Phoenix? Doing Pynchon??? – but now my head might explode before I get to see it.

 +1Posted on Feb 6th | re: The 10 Best Beta Band Songs (32 comments)

Nice try, but no. Dance O’er the Border is the least inspired and sloppy songs on that album AND in their entire catalogue. I’d choose Broken Up A Ding-Dong over that one, or The Cow’s Wrong, which is sublime and heartbreaking and totally deserves a spot on this list.

Also, Pure For? Really? Assessment, Space and Outside are all better songs by a mile – they’re what turned me on to the band and they’re songs I return the most often. I’d argue they’re three of the most rewarding in the catalogue. Heroes to Zeroes is definitely a pivotal album for me and opened up a whole new universe of indie and indie-inspired music (including Super Furry Animals, a band that deserves a Worst to Best write up here at some point).

WITH THAT SAID, six of the tracks on this, I think, are unfuckwithable. I’m really happy you did this list. Definitely an underrated band that I worry will be forgotten in 10 years.

 +3Posted on Dec 3rd, 2013 | re: The 50 Best Albums Of 2013 (498 comments)

The ‘Gum hasn’t given much love to it, but I think that Foxygen album is the tops. Sad not to see it on this list.


1. Phosphorescent is way too low on this list (top 3 for me)

2. The David Bowie album is also a return that was way better than we had any reason to expect

3. I’m AMAZED that the Darkside album didn’t make it on this list, or any other EOY lists I’ve seen this week. That one’s been turning my mind inside out for months now

4. No Mikal?? What the deuce….

 +2Posted on Oct 20th, 2013 | re: The 10 Best Pearl Jam Songs (147 comments)

Yes! I think you nailed it, though you only gave three suggestions for spots 7-10 (that’s actually four spots).

STILL, your list is far less questionable than the one above AND basically the same as mine. If this were my list, it’d look like:

10. Last Exit
9. State of Love and Trust
8. Elderly Woman…
7. Given to Fly
6. In Hiding
5. Hail Hail
4. In My Tree
3. Black
2. rearviewmirror
1. Corduroy

I’d personally swap Black with Love Boat Captain and In Hiding with either Porch, Do the Evolution or Whipping but we need to consider historical importance AND quality of songwriting. So yeah.

 0Posted on Oct 20th, 2013 | re: The 10 Best Pearl Jam Songs (147 comments)

Glad to see In My Tree on here. ‘Tis my #1 fave.

Hail Hail and Elderly Woman should be on here.

And, frankly, I find it surprising that no one here’s mentioned Love Boat Captain. That’s one of their most impassioned, soul-exploding songs in their catalogue. It gets me every time.

 +3Posted on Sep 16th, 2013 | re: Trent Reznor Albums From Worst To Best (96 comments)

Ditto. I think Hesitation Marks is already way underrated.

 0Posted on Aug 21st, 2013 | re: Nine Inch Nails - "Everything" (55 comments)

Easily the most interesting of the three HM tracks released so far. I keep coming back to it: first time, because it was a total WTF left turn. Then, after the second and third listen, I’m thinking it’s a great fracking track and who gives a shit if it doesn’t sound like anything Trent’s done in the past. Isn’t that the point???

Love it. Trent’s a grown-ass man now. He doesn’t need to be All Agro, All the Time anymore.

 +3Posted on Jun 5th, 2013 | re: The 10 Best Arcade Fire Songs (99 comments)

I can get behind this. Not Stereogum;s though.

 +1Posted on May 30th, 2013 | re: Spiritualized Albums From Worst To Best (19 comments)

Agreed. When I read “The hardest stories to tell…” and so on in the intro, I thought immediately of SFA. I was also thinking, last night, randomly, that Dark Days / Light Years is probably their worst…and that it’s a pretty good “worst” record to have made.

Here’s my attempt (when I should really be working):

8. Dark Days / Light Years
7. Fuzzy Logic
6. Hey Venus!
5. Radiator
4. Phantom Power
3. Love Kraft
2. Guerilla
1. Rings Around the World

That’s not easy. Totally under-appreciated band.