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Learn to Fla Fla Flo Fly

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Pretty Persuasion

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Don’t fret. This will probably be available on Amazon close to the release date like all of the other 7″s in this series have been.

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Objectively the worst thing I’ve ever seen on television.

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The White Album


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Motherfucker looks like a Teddy Graham.

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Would love to hear how these songs sound not ripped from the 7″. The 7″ sounds like garbage crammed onto a 45rpm 7″, both here and on my stereo. The songs are a lot better than I thought they’d be, though, not jokey like The Shit or The Finger. Also, this isn’t hardcore at all, just good, straight-forward Ryan Adams rock songs.

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well that was supposed to be a post showing Supertramp’s “Breakfast in America” album cover.