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Would love to hear how these songs sound not ripped from the 7″. The 7″ sounds like garbage crammed onto a 45rpm 7″, both here and on my stereo. The songs are a lot better than I thought they’d be, though, not jokey like The Shit or The Finger. Also, this isn’t hardcore at all, just good, straight-forward Ryan Adams rock songs.

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well that was supposed to be a post showing Supertramp’s “Breakfast in America” album cover.

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Charmless Man

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I really feel like his solo records from the beginning have been ON and OFF for me. The only ones I’ve liked have been S/T, Face the Truth and Mirror Traffic. Pig Lib almost turned me off SM for good. I absolutely hate it. Not into Wig Out, either.

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OK, so the music sounds like Weezer from the few seconds posted…You know that as soon as Rivers lays down the vocals the song’s going to be some bullshit bout being stuck in a fast food drive-thru where some girl you have a crush on works the window and you’re going to want to put a gun to your head.

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would you say it’s grown stale?

The portrayal of their relationship in the UK version of the book is downplayed as it is. I finished the book a couple weeks ago (and have since loaned it to someone), but, if anything, I remember the relationship as already being sanitized in the UK edition, amounting to little more than a couple guys eating dinner and laying around in the grass of a park together…hardly anything worth editing out for sensitive American readers who would already find themselves reading a FUCKING MORRISSEY AUTOBIOGRAPHY.